How to Care for Your Flowers

Creative Director Katharina Baron shares her favorite tips to caring for your The Million Roses this season. 

"The most important thing to remember is that they need no water" Shares Baron. "You just need to remove the beautiful handmade box out of its packaging and place it gently wherever you'd like to see them displayed in your home. They will stay alive for at least three years." 

When selecting a location in your home, make sure to be extra cautious about the amount of direct sunlight and heat you are exposing the flowers to. It is best that they are placed in a room and area with little to no direct sunlight. The flowers have been naturally and organically preserved and will stay fresh if they are cared for properly for many years to come.

"Maybe even forever" smiles Baron. "Congratulations! You've made a fantastic sustainable choice by purchasing The Million Roses. This is one gift you can be sure to feel really good about."  

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