3 Ways to Decorate for the Perfect Summer Soirée

How to Decorate for Your Next Summer Soirée Like a Pro

It’s the middle of summer, and there are so many things to celebrate! From birthdays to baby showers to “just because,” there are countless reasons to bring people together this season. This means it’s time to plan for your next summer soirée. On the agenda: using bright, beautiful roses that last for a year (or longer!), creating a stunning, glowy ambiance, and more.

Use Preserved Roses That Last for Décor

Stunning preserved roses can tie a summer soirée together. You can find blooms and colors that match your party’s look to a T. But if you want to take your flower arrangements to new heights, consider adding roses that last for a year or more. These are real roses that have been carefully preserved to maintain their vibrant appearance all summer long—and then some!

Decorating with preserved roses that last means you don’t have to worry about them losing their luster ahead of the party. You can also find them in all your favorite summery colors. Plus, your guests can take the preserved roses in a box when they depart. It gives them a meaningful keepsake that will retain its look for years to come

Highlight Your Setting with Decorative Lights

You’ve seen them on Instagram, and they’re still very much in style. String lights add a touch of playfulness and beauty to any setting. As the sun sets in the evening and the lights come on, they create a desirable glowy ambiance. Fashionable solar lanterns can also create a beautiful scene your guests are sure to love as your summer soirée continues into the night.

String lights come in all kinds of styles. There are also string lights that allow you to change their color. Go for the classic warm, golden hue (perfectly Instagrammable), or change things up with a dash of violet or turquoise. You can even have the lights match the color of your preserved rose displays.

Set the Scene with a Photo-Ready Backdrop

Speaking of things that are perfectly Instagrammable, consider adding a photo-ready backdrop into the mix. What it looks like is totally up to you. It could be a little vignette tucked away in the corner or front and center. Add some colorful balloons or streamers. This is where your guests will want to stop and grab a few selfies.

You can even incorporate other elements of your décor into the scene. Drape string lights to create a glowy ambiance. Or use solar lanterns. Preserved roses can highlight the setting or become the entire backdrop. By following these steps, your next summer soirée is sure to be a beautiful success.

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