4 Differences Between Preserved Roses and Dried Flowers

How Do Dried Flowers and Preserved Roses Differ?

There are many ways to enjoy beautiful roses for longer than you might expect. Two techniques to prolong the life of flowers include preservation and drying. But while they are often mistaken for the same thing, they differ significantly. For one, preserved roses can last for years to come and remain vibrant and beautiful.

So, what are the other differences between preserved roses and dried flowers?

1. Preservation Method Is Different

Preserved roses undergo a much more sophisticated and advanced method of preservation than simply drying flowers. Fresh roses are cut at the stage when they are the most beautiful and then undergo a rehydration process. This involves being placed in a mixture of glycerin and additional plant elements. The liquid rises through the flower's stem, completely replacing the sap. Typically carried out by floral experts, the process is complete after a few days, and you’re left with gorgeous, stunning roses in box that are ready to gift to someone you love.

The most common method for drying flowers involves hanging them upside down in a dry and well-ventilated area. Once the flowers are dehydrated, they may undergo treatments for coloration and setting to regain some of their initial appearance, but that isn’t always the case. Typically you’re left with an antique, rustic vibe, though dried flowers are brittle and lack the vibrancy of preserved roses.

2. Preserved Roses May Last Longer

The best preserved roses can last up to three years with no maintenance required. As such, they remain vibrant and stick around longer than dried flowers.

Since dry flowers have been dehydrated and had their moisture removed, they are very brittle and delicate. Even the slightest touch can cause dried flowers to break or fall apart. As such, they’re not known for being exceptionally long-lasting.

3. Preserved Roses Appear Fresher

Preserved red roses look dewy and radiant, while dried flowers have an entirely different aesthetic. Unlike brittle dried flowers, preserved roses retain their flexibility and can be arranged to your heart’s desire due to their soft, supple nature.

With dried flowers, the colors of the petals will fade, and the leaves and branches become brittle and sensitive. The stems, petals, and leaves are prone to breakage, making them difficult to work with and arrange.

4. Preserved Roses Offer More Possibilities

Preserved roses possess an unlimited realm of possibilities. They make the perfect present for anyone or any occasion. Need a quick gift for a birthday, anniversary, housewarming party, or bridal shower? Consider a box of roses that will last and look stunning for years to come. Naturally preserved, radiant roses make the perfect gift or showstopper for any special occasion, party, holiday, or even “just because.”

Another possibility is home décor. Stage your home in style with exquisite arrangements of preserved roses in color combinations that coordinate and complement. Unlike dried flowers, preserved roses instantly add luxury to any space. There are also preserved long stem roses, so you can create your own bouquets and arrangements to elevate your interior design game.

While you can decorate with dried flowers or make potpourri, their brittle, delicate nature makes them limited in what you can do with them. Their faded appearance also lacks the vibrancy of preserved roses, so they’re unlikely to be used as a gift.

Preserved roses have unlimited possibilities, from the perfect gift to home décor to wedding centerpieces. While dried flowers may last longer than fresh flowers, nothing compares to the exquisite luxurious nature of preserved roses.

About The Million Roses

The Million Roses was founded in 2014 to provide long-lasting preserved roses and rose boxes. They help people celebrate anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and every special occasion in life. The vibrant roses are grown in Ecuador, where they undergo a sophisticated, non-toxic re-hydration process to preserve them for at least three years. Only the most beautiful roses are selected and arranged by hand by floral artists in Los Angeles into stunning, handcrafted boxes. The Million Roses offers red roses, gold roses, and a wide variety of almost all other colors, as well as long stem roses and customized arrangements. Since these luxury roses require no water and produce less waste, they are also an excellent choice for the planet.

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