4 Rose Colors to Give Dad for Father’s Day

Giving Dad Roses? Here Are 4 Colors Perfect for Father’s Day

Who says you can’t get dad some flowers for Father’s Day? You probably buy your mom roses for Mother’s Day, her birthday, and Valentine’s Day, and your dad would appreciate the gift as well. Roses will complement his living room, man cave, home office, or any other area. If you want to get him something that will last a long time and remind him of your love until next Father’s Day, look for a sustainable forever rose bouquet.

As you shop around, consider your color choices. Different colors have different meanings, and you can find specific color options that look right at home in dad’s favorite room. Here are a few options to consider.

Royal Blue Makes a Vibrant and Beautiful Gift

Royal blue roses are a unique and bold statement that channels calm authority. If your dad is the type to lead the family during vacations and makes sure his yard is always in tip-top shape, royal blue is a great option for his bouquet. He’ll love setting them up on his bedside table, in the kitchen, or next to his favorite reading spot.

Find Gold Flowers for the MVP Dad

If anyone in your life deserves a touch of elegant shine, it’s your dad. He works tirelessly to bring sunshine into the lives of everyone in the family, and it’s time to return that favor. Golden roses with a metallic sheen are perfect for celebrating Father’s Day. These roses will look spectacular in a high-quality black display box on their own. They can also serve as great accents in other bouquets. They stand out when paired with red, black, or blue flowers. Gold is the color for winners, and if anyone deserves the spot at the top of the podium, it is your dad.

Get Your Rockstar Dad Black Roses

Black is a striking color, especially as a flower. If your dad isn’t fond of traditional floral arrangements, black roses can give him the minimal, stealthy look he is searching for. Whether he’s channeling his inner rockstar or he is just a fan of minimal décor, black flowers will look great with his aesthetic. You can get a display with a single black rose and gold accents or a golden box with two dozen black roses. Either way, he should love this unique flower.

Red and Pink for the Classic Dad

It’s hard to beat a classic rose look. What says “I love you” like a display of heart roses? This set features pink flowers in the shape of a heart bordered by red roses. A gift like this shows your dad how much you adore him. Your dad can enjoy the fresh feeling these roses can bring into a room. With Father’s Day right around the corner, consider getting dad some preserved flowers that will last for years if not longer.

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