Why Roses Are the Perfect Baby Shower Flowers

The Million Roses
“When love came first to earth, the Spring spread rose beds to receive him.” — Thomas Campbell

A baby shower is one of the most joyful occasions for family and friends to come together. As you shower the parents-to-be with gifts, food and happy wishes, baby shower flowers make the day feel all the more special. But which flowers are just right?

Baby Shower Roses

When it comes to life's momentous celebrations, we love to decorate with roses. The world's most cherished flower also happens to be one of the most versatile. Whether you're hosting an elegant high tea, storybook brunch, or backyard barbecue, roses have the magical ability to perfectly punctuate almost any baby shower theme.

Begin with a well-designed rose centerpiece that matches the expectant parent's style. For a luxe baby shower motif, choose arrangements with opulent touches such as satin ribbons and crystals. To delight more classic or minimalist moms-to-be, consider heart-shaped displays or single roses showcased down a contrasting table runner.

Elevate the look even further by placing smaller rose arrangements and coordinating candles, metallic balloons, and fabric banners around the room. Baby shower roses can also be used to create:

  • Flower walls for photo ops
  • Garlands for buffet backdrops
  • Toppers for cakes and desserts
  • Party favors for guests

Meaningful Baby Shower Rose Colors for Boys and Girls

Rose colors have a language all their own. In addition to matching roses to your chosen baby shower theme, consider the sentiments and wishes you'd like to express to the guests, and especially the guests of honor. For example, while white roses are sometimes referred to as bridal roses, they're also appropriately thoughtful for welcoming a new baby. They represent innocence, youthfulness, and new beginnings.

Other symbolic color choices for baby shower bouquets include:

  • Green: Growth, life, and hope
  • Lavender: Adoration, wonder, and love at first sight
  • Ivory: Charm, thoughtfulness, and grace
  • Yellow: Friendship, cheer, and the promise of a new beginning
  • Orange: Admiration, excitement, and happiness

If the parents-to-be are planning to reveal their baby's gender at the shower, rose arrangements in varied hues of pinks or blues might also play a role in the proud announcement.

Long-Lasting Baby Shower Flowers

Though the baby shower is a relatively modern invention, giving gifts to expectant parents is not. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians had special rituals to celebrate the arrival of new babies, and Renaissance mothers were presented with lavish gifts after giving birth. "Stork parties," which included games and gifts for new moms, began to take shape in the Victorian era, and the traditions continue today.

With our special collection of exquisitely preserved roses, your baby shower flowers continue to be a gift long after the party and baby's first milestones. Each handcrafted arrangement captures a natural, fresh-cut appearance that requires little care. Our team of floral experts can even customize the materials and colors of your rose arrangements to become a beautiful part of baby's nursery decor.

Let us help you choose the perfect baby shower roses to celebrate and welcome the newest member of your family. There's no sweeter occasion to shower your daughter, sister, or best friend with love and affection.

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