Bad Bunny's 26-Foot Floral Train to the Met Gala

A Forever Floral Statement 

Bad Bunny is the one to watch when it comes to setting trends as his style has always been newsworthy, especially after his appearance on the 2023 Met Gala red carpet this week. Following his attention-grabbing performances at Coachella, the rapper arrived in a flawlessly tailored all-white outfit by Jacquemus, complete with a 26-foot long train, made entirely of flowers.

The ensemble's customized fit was reminiscent of the style of the late and great Karl Lagerfeld, with elements such as the single-breasted blazer, thick tie, and tweed fabric reimagined by Bad Bunny and Jacquemus to suit his unique coolness, while still staying true to Lagerfeld's vision.

The Season of Flowers 

Like clockwork, the Met gala opened up the month of May, a truly special month of the year, as May is the beginning of the official season of flowers.

Let yourself be inspired by the natural beauty in bloom all around us, and like Bad Bunny, let yourself get a little carried away with your love for florals and flowers. 

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