Birthday Gift Ideas for Friends Far Away

Special Birthday Gifts for Friends Far Away

Friends. Such a short, crisp word to describe some of the most important people in our lives. In the words of Edna Buchanan, “Friends are the family we choose ourselves.” They are the kindred spirits we’ve been lucky enough to connect with amidst the millions of humans in the world; the ones with whom we’ve shared countless belly laughs, brunches, movie marathons, embarrassing moments, monumental achievements, cry sessions, and whatever else life threw our way.

Through our highest highs and our lowest lows, our friends were there to remind us who we are, what we value, where we came from, and where we’re going. And there aren’t enough miles on the map to break that kind of bond.

Personalized Birthday Gifts for Her

“Though miles may lie between us, we’re never far apart, for friendship doesn’t count the miles, it’s measured by the heart.” - Unknown

When your bestie’s birthday is fast approaching, and in-person gifting is simply not an option, our personalized custom roses deliver your warm wishes in style! Among our most popular options is our classic round box. You choose the box color, up to 2 rose colors to include within, and the arrangement style. With over a dozen stunning, long lasting roses inside, these make a wonderful addition to the dining room table, bedside table, vanity, or just about anywhere.

Every time she sneaks a peek at her beautiful gift, she’s sure to smile thinking of the wonderful friend who sent them in celebration of the day she made the world a little brighter just by being born!

Luxury Gifts for Her Birthday

Whether it’s an extra special birthday, or she’s just been especially fabulous this year and deserves some added glamour, The Million Roses has gasp-worthy rose gift presentations that will earn you oh-so-many brownie points!

  • Among our most special birthday gifts for her is our Custom Deluxe box. With a size and shape reminiscent of classic hat boxes, our handcrafted box is brimming with dozens of roses – 70-80 stems!
  • While opting for all one color makes a big and bold impact all its own, with so many roses for our artists to work with, opting for a second color presents some unique arrangement options, including: heart, checkered, letters, and numbers – a popular choice for birthdays!
  • You can even choose a custom arrangement design, subject to The Million Roses approval. We always want to ensure a flawless presentation, and not all desired designs can be executed.

Our luxurious, unique birthday gifts for her are a beautiful reminder that somewhere out there – perhaps a plane ride or two away – there is someone who really, truly, completely “gets her.” There is someone who may not be able to jump in their car to come over for coffee, but is always a phone call or text message away. There is someone that knows her every magical trait, and every flaw she’d rather keep hidden, and loves her in spite of, and because of, them all. There is someone that is a true friend, and that is one of life’s greatest gifts of all.

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