5 Wedding Flower Centerpiece Ideas for Your Big Day

5 Wedding Flower Centerpiece Ideas for Your Big Day

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When it comes to making the life-long lasting decisions for your wedding, the flowers are without a doubt one of the absolute most important decisions to be made. Not only do the flowers set the stage for the rest of the decor and accents for your wedding, they really do leave the lasting impression and set the initial tone to what kind of an event your guests can expect to experience on your special day. 

Flower centerpieces are as important as the bouquet and dress you decide to wear on your wedding day. Due to this, preserved flowers have quickly become the top choice for brides around the world when making their selections for their big day. In this article you can find five easy to navigate wedding flower centerpiece ideas to help you make the perfect selection for your one-of-a-kind wedding. 

5 Unique Wedding Flower Centerpiece Ideas  

Garden-Inspired Centerpieces 

There's something so lovely and charming about a rustic and down to earth flower like the sunflower. The Classic Mint Green Suede Box Sunflowers & Green Hydrangeas makes for a beautiful choice in a garden wedding setting. The Million Roses sunflower boxes reinvent themselves with a truly breathtaking floral fusion. The vivid colors of golden sunflowers with a pop of brilliant green hydrangeas highlight the flowers’ natural beauty and luxurious textures. You can easily color coordinate the flower box base to the color scheme of your wedding. A white box is always a classic contender, and is the Classic Black Box Sunflowers & Green Hydrangeas.

Glam-Inspired Centerpieces

A night spent dancing on tabletops, under the grand ceilings of an Italian sea-side villa, a glam centerpiece is not meant to be an understatement. The impressive and lavish Superdome arrangements boxes are a brilliant choice for the glam bride to be. You can take your wedding centerpiece to a whole new level, completely guilt-free. It’s your big day, after all. 

The Million Roses Classic Superdome collection brings elevated style for an extra bit of ‘wow’. With the Superdome you will have an arrangement that will exceed expectations as these dome shapes are extra big and round.  These rounded arrangements of naturally preserved, long-lasting roses sit higher than any other centerpiece, adding magnificent dimension and softness to your big day. The Classic White Superdome Box With Light Pink Roses is a decadent and beautiful display of forever love.

Traditional-Inspired Centerpieces

For the traditional bride, nothing says I love you like the traditional rose. Long Stem Roses are as timeless as they are beautiful. For the bride who wants to mix and match her own arrangements for the centerpiece, The Million Roses’ long stem roses are the perfect alternative to boutique-bought flowers, as these roses will last you for years after your big day. Cut the stems, pick your favorite vase, explore color combinations, and get creative with your styling. The Million Roses® last at least three years and with this long-stem option, the possibilities for wedding centerpiece arrangements are endless.

Bold-Inspired Centerpieces

When investing in an attention-grabbing centerpiece, you won’t find anything more fitting than beautiful gold roses. Symbolic of success and prosperity, gold forever roses add a touch of opulence to any centerpiece. For the bold and beautiful, the 24k Gold Roses may just be the centerpiece idea you’ve been looking for.

Romantic-Inspired Centerpieces 

For the couple looking to remind everyone that love is all around us, and love is for everyone, nothing is more romantic than using the wedding centerpieces as an excuse to give every single guest a special reminder of love to take home. The Acrylic Single Box is the perfect parting gift and serves as a beautiful display for a wedding centerpiece. Stack them high on each table and add names to each to make everyone celebrating your big moment feel special. They will last for years to come and serve as a beautiful reminder of the moments shared together on your wedding day. 

Whether you are a traditional bride, bold, glam, romantic or more rustic, choosing naturally preserved flowers as your flowers of choice for your wedding centerpieces is the best way to ensure a memorable day. You and your guests will enjoy these flowers for years ahead and you can feel extra good about making the most sustainable choice in flowers. 

For more information on sustainable, naturally preserved flowers and The Million Roses please visit our website. We feel honored to get to be a part of your most special moment and wish you the best of luck on your wedding journey. 

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