Fierce Flowers: Give Your Leo The Million Roses

Fierce Flowers: Give Your Leo The Million Roses

The lion is the model of ferocity and pride with a roar of determination and passion. Those who know Leos understand why the lion symbolizes their astrology sign. They are decadent, theatrical, and loyal partners. They are protective, stable, and dedicated parents. A Leo can accomplish anything they set their mind to, and more often than not, they set their sights on lofty goals. Their birthdates fall between July 23 and August 22. What do you do when it's time to give your Leo a gift? Nothing beats The Million Roses. Their selection of year lasting roses that can thrive for up to three years is the perfect way for you to show your Leo how much you love them.

Leo Personality Traits

A Leo’s personality often leads to them holding prominent positions in their organization. They might start their own non-profit or be the head of their department at a Fortune 500 company. Leos are leaders wherever they are. Their personality traits can include:

  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Leadership
  • Social
  • Consistency
  • Bravery
  • Honesty

These traits can play into different colors and help you find the best arrangement to use as a gift. You might be getting an anniversary gift for your wife, whose Leo-inspired strong nature makes her hard to shop for. Maybe your mom is an independent Leo who always treats herself, and you want something special for her birthday. Here are some great options.

Best Preserved Roses for a Leo

Leos, whose fire sign is ruled by the sun, love colors that match their vitality. Bright and fierce colors, like orange roses or yellow roses meaning life and light, are excellent choices when getting roses from The Million Roses for your Leo.


Yellow is the color of sunshine and is reminiscent of a Leo's infectious joy and positivity. You can get your Leo wife the Premium White Box from The Million Roses. This box filled with yellow preserved roses can light up any space it’s in and makes an excellent gift for a Leo who channels the intensity of their sun sign.


Leos are powerful. Their warmth can grow into a passionate fire at a moment’s notice. That’s why orange roses are perfect for them. Orange combines red and yellow for a mix of Leo colors that hits all the right notes. This color choice is powerful enough that even the Single Rose Box from The Million Roses can speak volumes. This gift will make your Leo’s day, with a single orange rose that can last up to three years inside a black suede box. They can put it anywhere to bring their patented intensity to any space.


Passion. Energy. Intensity. Nobody lives these characteristics like a Leo, and no color of preserved roses matches this vibe like classic red ones. The Million Roses can help you find many ways to build the perfect arrangement for a Leo. Get long stem red roses that you can use in your own vase. Order a custom box with your Leo’s initials spelled out in flowers, or get black and red roses in a premium box for that extra fierce edge. The Million Roses can help you give your Leo flowers that channel their inner lion.

Get your Leo an arrangement of The Million Roses preserved roses from

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