Gift Everlasting Love with Acrylic Boxes of Roses

Give the Gift of Everlasting Love with the Acrylic Collection From The Million Roses

When you’re getting a gift for someone you love, ideally, it should last. What if the flowers you give to someone stay vibrant for years? Preserved roses from The Million Roses can last up to three years for a gift that stands the test of time. Their acrylic collection is the perfect gift for many different occasions. These year lasting roses and acrylic boxes can help you show your appreciation and love in the best ways. Here are a few things to know about the acrylic collection from The Million Roses.

Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than Long-Lasting Roses

What is so amazing about The Million Roses is that their flowers have the same staying power as your love. These black and red roses will remain as fresh and vibrant as the day you got them months and even years into the future. The Million Roses has a team of floral experts who pick the most beautiful and vibrant roses and put them through a rehydration process that gives them long-lasting properties. Your loved one gets to appreciate their flowers for a long time. Every time they look at the roses, they will remember you and the special gift you gave them.

Acrylic Boxes Can Be Displayed Practically Anywhere

The acrylic collection from The Million Roses provides a unique viewing experience. These clear boxes hold the rose, giving you a perfect 360-degree view of the flower. These preserved roses are suspended in time, and the acrylic makes them look suspended in space too. A single rose can be displayed almost anywhere, and it looks just as stunning on a bookshelf as it does on a bedside table. Your loved one can put it on their dresser or even at their desk at work. Hide it somewhere they will encounter it for an exciting little surprise. The Million Roses makes it easy to display your roses with the acrylic collection.

Choose From Many Different Colors

With The Million Roses, you can explore many different rose colors. You can stick with the classic red or pink rose or go outside of the box. You can get a green rose for celebrating a new life or a birthday, and with yellow roses meaning friendship and happiness, they are great for weddings and anniversaries. The acrylic collection gives you many choices for finding the perfect rose for your loved one. Whether you get an acrylic box with a drawer that has four flowers or stick with the single box, your recipient will love the beautiful rose inside. 

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