Luxury Graduation Gifts for Her

Uniquely Special Graduation Gifts for Her

There are few events in life as monumental as a graduation. Whether it’s a high school or college graduation, it is a day filled with countless emotions and reminders or how far we’ve come, and how many magical people in our lives have helped us get there. Many of us include our own graduations in our most vivid memories, recalling even decades later how it felt to walk across that stage as we moved from one chapter of our lives to the next. To be certain, it is an occasion worth celebrating fully, with good food, great people, and perhaps even an amazing “I’ll remember this forever!” gift or two!

Graduation Flowers

Unlike traditional graduation roses, many of our perfectly preserved roses are designed to retain their beauty for up to three years. Each is presented in an elegant display box or case, ready for prominent placement where it can be enjoyed long after the last bit of graduation confetti has been swept from the floor! We also offer stunning long stem graduation rose bouquets that can be added to a favorite vase for a more traditional look.

Custom Roses

Our custom roses are among our most popular choices in graduation gifts for her with many gift-givers opting for the graduate’s favorite color, or her school colors. Our custom roses are offered in a variety of stunning presentation options, including…

  • Long Stem Graduation Rose Bouquets

    – These are a popular choice for gift-givers who want a modern gift with a nod to traditional style. They are also a great choice if you’ll be including a vase with your gift, or you know the grad has the perfect vase already! Each bouquet includes 12 long stem roses. You can opt for all 12 roses to be the same color, or choose a second color and we will include both in the mix.
  • LOVE box Custom Roses

    – Perhaps the only way to make our roses even more beautiful is to present them in a heart-shaped box, so that’s exactly what we’ve done! This customizable option lets you choose the box color, up to 2 different colors of roses to include within, and the arrangement style of the roses themselves. While this graduation gift for her looks lovely anywhere, many giftees choose to showcase it on their vanity or bedside table. After all – who doesn’t want to look at spectacular roses when they wake up or practice their nightly skin care regimen?
  • the million Deluxe box Roses

    – When only the most show-stopping personalized graduation gift for her will do, our deluxe box has you covered. This luxury box includes all the customization options of our LOVE box, and is brimming with an incredible 70 – 80 stems of our long lasting preserved roses. This is a gift anyone would be proud to have on display in their home, showcasing the unmatched beauty of roses in an impactful way that can elevate any space, and any mood!

While graduation day itself can’t last forever, the pride, warm memories, and opened doors of opportunity it brings are truly everlasting. Our beautiful custom roses are meant to serve as an everyday reminder to a lucky grad in your life that she is nothing short of spectacular, and her beautiful mind and spirit will guide her on wherever her journey takes her next.

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