How Preserved Red Roses Can Help You Be the Perfect Bridesmaid

Be the Perfect Bridesmaid From the Bridal Shower to the Wedding with Preserved Red Roses

As the happy couple runs through the tunnel of friends and family, cheering on a future full of love and joy, you’ll be proud of the work you did as a bridesmaid. A wedding is an intricate affair that involves plenty of separate parties, tons of organization, and lots of inspiration. How’d you pull it off so well? Well, you did it with help from a few different arrangements of preserved roses. Being a bridesmaid is about ensuring every little detail is perfect as you launch the bride and groom into an eternity of loving partnership. Preserved red roses (and arrangements of all colors, really) can help you do just this.

A Bridesmaid and Her Roles

Through the entire wedding process, you’re going to be wearing a lot of hats. Not literal hats—although a cute hat is a bold wedding statement you might be able to pull off. In reality, these hats are your roles. As a bridesmaid, you will simultaneously be an event planner, organizer, decorator, makeup artist, dancer, confidant, stylist, and photographer.

With all these jobs needing to be done, you need plenty of supplies and tools to help you accomplish as many tasks as possible. On your list should be preserved roses. They can help out in so many different ways and on several occasions:

  • Bridal shower
  • Bachelorette party
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Reception
  • After-party

It could be a table that needs green roses that match the theme or a bridal shower that needs extra style. Either way, make sure your preserved roses are ready to go.

How You Should Approach Your Tasks

As a bridesmaid, preparation is key to ensuring everything under your guidance runs smoothly. You want to make sure you are in the right headspace. Find ways to build motivation, share love, and keep up an infectious energy. Also, you want to have all your plans, backup plans, and fail-safes ready to go. Make sure you know where you are going to get your preserved roses. A company that only picks the most beautiful and elegant roses for their arrangements is a must. One that offers tons of different colors and endless customizations is also great.

Where Preserved Red Roses Come In

This is the part where being a bridesmaid gets exciting. You can finally put those preserved red roses to good use and take all of the wedding events to the next level. Other colors of preserved roses are good as well for weddings and their surrounding festivities, like white roses and different shades of pink.

Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is an important part of the pre-wedding festivities. The bride’s close friends and family members will gather together for a daytime party. There will be plenty of food, drinks, games, and gifts. You can use preserved roses in a few different ways in this situation. First, they make an excellent gift for the bride because of how long they can last. While gift cards might be gone before the wedding starts, an arrangement of high-quality, beautiful preserved red roses or even a box of purple ones will still thrive up to three years later. The bride will be able to enjoy them through the wedding, past the honeymoon, and will get to celebrate anniversaries with them by her side. All thanks to her best bridesmaid.

Bachelorette Party

Closer to the wedding, you and the other bridesmaids will be planning the bachelorette party as the last big celebration before the bride ties the knot. It can be crazy. Or it can be a calm event. Either way, you need to set the mood right. Preserved roses can help you do this. Gold ones can be the perfect mood-setter. A mix of white, pink, and red roses can also be a great way to show love for the bride as she gets ready to get married. You can decorate the hotel or suite you are all using with this bouquet or bring it along if you rent a party bus or reserve a private room at the restaurant. There will be plenty of pictures, and nothing livens up photos like a bundle of perfect roses. The bride can take them with her afterward to remember all the fun times.

Wedding Ceremony

Flowers are a great part of any wedding ceremony. In fact, the bridesmaids will often be holding a bouquet that matches the theme and color of the décor. This is an easy opportunity to slip in some preserved long-stem roses. Also, you can use these roses as accent pieces to add a little color to your current bouquets. Or let them stand on their own. They can add a bright feeling to the ceremony. For this purpose, you can get blue or red roses that fit into the theme of the wedding or something that stands out more like candy pink or teal. Your bridesmaid duties depend on you to bring this wedding to life, and long-stem preserved roses can help you do that.

The Reception

The happy couple has been pronounced man and wife. It’s time to celebrate with lots of good food and dancing. The reception is an essential part of any wedding. Everyone gets to relax and have a good time together, but the casual atmosphere can still be just as stylish and picture-worthy as every other part of the wedding. A small box of preserved roses on every table can set the scene and create a colorful vibe that helps uplift everyone’s spirits. You can find boxes with a combination of mini roses and a large central rose perfect for centerpieces. When it’s time for the bride to throw a bouquet into the crowd, it can be one made with preserved long stem roses.


The distant cousins and well-wishers have started to filter out, the sun has set, and it is well into the night. At last, it is time for the after-party. Only the closest family members and friends will stick around, and they deserve something special to end the night on. A bridesmaid can take the initiative to give these gifts. This time, preserved roses can make a great favor for everyone to take home. Single boxes with individual red roses in each one make an excellent gift for special guests to take as a memento. You can also switch it up with silver, gold, or a color that matches the wedding décor, like green roses. For the next three years, the guests will be able to see their rose and remember the fantastic night you helped make unique.

Wrap It All Up

You’ve done it! All of a sudden, the special couple are on their way to the Bahamas for their honeymoon, and you can take a step back and appreciate how amazing the wedding was. You brought your A game and the best preserved roses you could find. As a result, pictures of the beautiful night are filled with your preserved red roses and boxes of beautiful, long-lasting flowers. Thanks to you, the atmosphere and scenery of everything from the bachelorette party to the ceremony looked cohesive and classy. Undoubtedly, no bridesmaid has ever crushed it like you did. Treat yourself to some preserved roses as a reward and enjoy them for years to come.

About The Million Roses

The Million Roses was founded in 2014 to provide long-lasting preserved roses and rose boxes. They help people celebrate anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and every special occasion in life. The vibrant roses are grown in Ecuador, where they undergo a sophisticated, non-toxic re-hydration process to preserve them for at least three years. Only the most beautiful roses are selected and arranged by hand by floral artists in Los Angeles into stunning, handcrafted boxes. The Million Roses offers red roses, gold roses, and a wide variety of almost all other colors, as well as long stem roses and customized arrangements. Since these luxury roses require no water and produce less waste, they are also an excellent choice for the planet.

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