How Preserved Roses Can Elevate Your Next Dinner Party

Elevate Your Next Dinner Party with Preserved Roses

It’s time to bring people together with a dinner party. There’s planning to do, guests to invite, and a menu to decide upon. But beyond the dinner party essentials, you also want to capture the perfect decor for your dinner party. You want to wow your guests and show off your style. You’re here to set the bar and create a memorable evening among friends.

What does your dinner party need? Color, pizzazz, and passion. It’s the perfect opportunity to add preserved roses to your choice of decoration. These are real roses that retain vibrancy for up to three years, far longer than conventional roses. They make for phenomenal displays and centerpieces for a number of occasions, dinner parties included. From red roses to violet roses and many colors in between, here’s how preserved roses can enhance your next dinner party.

Preserved Roses Add a Dash of Color

You can find preserved roses in traditional colors, like pink and white roses. But you can also find long-lasting roses in unexpected colors, as well. Think velvety black or royal blue. With so many colors to choose from, you can find the perfect floral display. Choose colors that pop and add contrast to your dinner setting. Or keep things complementary with subdued, matching colors.

You can even match your floral display with items on your menu. That’s a level of detail your guests are sure to appreciate. No matter what color (or colors) you choose, preserved rose arrangements can tie your table decor together. They can surprise and delight, which is sure to leave your guests envious.

Preserved Roses Establish a Theme

Preserved roses can be a source of inspiration. As you plan for your next dinner party, you may have a “theme” in mind for decoration. Long-lasting, preserved roses can be your starting point. With so many colors and arrangement styles, you can craft your party from the centerpieces outward.

Perhaps you’re awestruck by the violet roses. Violet roses are a delight to the senses. There’s a richness to them that few other colors capture. As you plan your dinner party around violet roses, you may incorporate other sources of violet, lavender, or amethyst. Maybe it means violet table setting. Or maybe it means foods with hints of violet in them. The possibilities are endless.

Floral Arrangements Set the Stage

Every dinner party is an experience. It’s a few hours of good company, good food, and good vibes. A dynamic floral arrangement isn’t just the centerpiece for the dining table. It’s also a centerpiece for the party as a whole. It can set the stage for the entire evening. As your guests arrive, they’ll undoubtedly take note of the display and want to know more.

In a sense, your preserved roses can become a conversation starter. And what a conversation it’s sure to be! Every display of preserved roses has a story to tell, so use it to tell yours.

About The Million Roses

The Million Roses was founded in 2014 to provide long-lasting preserved roses and rose boxes. They help people celebrate anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and every special occasion in life. The vibrant roses are grown in Ecuador, where they undergo a sophisticated, non-toxic re-hydration process to preserve them for at least three years. Only the most beautiful roses are selected and arranged by hand by floral artists in Los Angeles into stunning, handcrafted boxes. The Million Roses offers red roses, gold roses, and a wide variety of almost all other colors, as well as long stem roses and customized arrangements. You can also find the perfect Sagittarius or Scorpio flower for your wife or husband. Since these luxury roses require no water and produce less waste, they are also an excellent choice for the planet.

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