How Preserved Roses Can Elevate Your Workspace

There are so many ways to decorate an office in an attempt to streamline workflow and make everyone feel safe and welcome. You can remove cubicle walls, hang motivational posters, even customize the lighting!

No matter how you decide to decorate your workplace, a preserved rose arrangement should be included in the decor. Flowers have been shown in multiple studies to enhance our lives just by existing. It is astounding how much better we can feel just by being in the same room as a bouquet of flowers.

You might be wondering how preserved roses can elevate your workspace. Let’s take a look at what different psychologists say about the benefits of flowers and discuss how those effects translate into improved workflow and colleague relationships.

Preserved Roses are The Cure for that “Stuck Inside” Feeling

Whether you are running a busy office or working from home, the decorations and overall aesthetic of the environment has a major effect on your mood, morale, and overall proficiency. Preserved Roses are one of the aesthetic choices that can do it all!

Bringing a little bit of the outside in is a scientifically proven way to improve your mood and spark the chemical reactions in your brain that make you feel happy, content, and safe! The best part about preserved roses is that you can even spice up the way they make you feel by customizing their colors for the greatest emotional impact!

The Emotional Impact of Colors

The colors you choose for your preserved flowers can affect the way you work, feel, and are perceived by others. Take a look through some of the most common flower colors on Million Roses and see how these colors can make you and all those around you feel!

Red - Passionate Love

There is no emotion that red evokes more often than passion and romance. While red roses tend to be reserved for those we love, the fiery color can also work well in the office. If your team is working on a particularly daunting project and you need to reignite the flame, try spicing up the decor with a red rose display by Million Roses.

Pink - Fierce Femininity

Pink is a universally loved color, but its long association with femininity has led to it being a staple color in female power and strength. It is a great color to motivate your colleagues, and adorn your space in a way that says, “we can all kick butt no matter who we are!” You can even go the extra mile and get a pink rose arrangement nestled in a gorgeous, pink, suede container.

Purple - Refined Luxury

Purple has long been a color associated with royalty and opulence. Want to remind yourself and your colleagues about the big payday that comes with a good job, consider some gorgeous purple roses for the office. You will be amazed at how much more upscale your workspace will suddenly feel, and that vibe will carry through into your own confidence.

Orange - Playful Energy

If you are looking for a way to wake up in the workplace, orange roses are the way to go. The bright color arouses our senses and gets us excited to get to work. You can even mix orange roses with other neon colors for a truly unique preserved flower arrangement.

Yellow - Pure Happiness

If you have been feeling down during the workday, or need something to comfort you after dealing with difficult coworkers, clients, or customers, yellow flowers are a perfect pick me up! The bright, sunshiney appeal of yellow preserved roses can bring a smile to anyone’s face and make it feel like you are out basking in the light of day.

Gold - True Success

Want to remind yourself of how far you and your team have come? Try adding some gold decor to your office space. This metallic shade will have everyone feeling like a million bucks. There’s a reason gold is often associated with first place medals and trophies! Even if you have a ways to go before you officially succeed, a beautiful arrangement of golden flowers can remind you all what you’re working toward.

Black - Edgy Sophistication

While purple screams luxury and opulence, black is all about modern, sleek sophistication. Every workplace will look a little cooler with the inclusion of a modern set of black roses. These dark flowers aren’t just for the goth aesthetic anymore. For a look that screams sophisticated and successful, try an arrangement of black and gold preserved roses.

Silver - High Tech

Sure, high tech isn’t an emotion, but the sense of wonder that comes from the futuristic color cannot be overlooked! Million Roses’ shiny, silver flowers are the epitome of modernization. The incredible preservation technology means you can have flowers that look fresh but last you for years. Give your modern office a natural look while still matching the sleek, streamlined efficiency of your workflow.

7 Reasons Preserved Roses are Great for The Workplace

1. Don’t Worry About Allergies With Preserved Roses

Another fantastic reason to utilize preserved flowers in your workplace is to bring a “green” look that doesn’t trigger allergies. When roses are preserved, the process removes the part of the flower that can cause allergic reactions. If you have anyone in your workspace that has to miss out on flowers and fresh cut plants due to allergies, you can treat them to a truly meaningful upgrade to their workspace thanks to Million Roses’ preserved rose arrangements!

2. You Don’t Need a Green Thumb to Upkeep Your Preserved Rose Displays

Fresh cut flowers require incredibly delicate care to keep them alive for more than a few days. Preserved roses don’t require any special care and can last up to three years! All that matters to a set of preserved roses is that you keep them cool, dry, and avoid crushing them.

3. The Price of Fresh Cut Flowers Adds up Over Time

If your fresh cut flowers are in constant need of replacement, even the cheapest arrangements start to add up. Let’s say you buy three 20 dollar grocery store arrangements every two weeks. In the time it would take a preserved bouquet to wither (up to three years), you will have spent over $1500 on fresh cut flowers!

4. You can Set it and Forget it!

As long as your preserved roses stay in a dry, cool place - they don’t really need any assistance in looking great all the time. Leaving the office for a vacation or holiday? Rest assured that you will return to flowers just as beautiful as the day you left!

5. The Science Supports it: Flowers Make You Feel Good!

There have been multiple studies regarding the biological effect flowers have on humans and the results are remarkable! Flowers, through different measures, can cause your brain to release oxytocin, serotonin, and/or dopamine.

All of these chemicals are related to making us feel safe, secure, filled with joy!

So, your preserved roses can genuinely improve your work day and make you feel better all day long!

6. You Don’t Need Drab Glass Vases or Containers

Traditional flowers seem to always come in those thick glass vases in peculiar shades of green or red. If you love those vases, don’t let us bring you down! Preserved roses look beautiful in any container! However, it is nice to be able to use the gorgeous, textural options available through Million Roses.

Have a specific display item you’d like to feel with preserved roses? You can purchase a dozen roses without a container as well!

7. The Options Are Practically Endless

Million Roses’ preserved rose arrangements have so many options to choose from! You can create a custom arrangement and adjust the size of your arrangement, color of flowers, and the color and style of the container. If you want a little stylistic guidance, choose from the hundreds of pre-styled varieties.

Have you ever experienced the beauty of metallic silver or gold roses? How about electric pink or rainbow roses? You can truly have it all thanks to the preservation and coloring techniques developed by Million Roses!

Are Preserved Roses in The Workplace the Right Choice for You?

What struggles are you having in the office?

Do you feel stressed when the day has just begun?

Do you have trouble getting your employees to feel at home in the workplace?

There are so many struggles in the modern office that a beautiful flower arrangement can help alleviate. So, if you are looking for a unique way to make your office a happier and healthier place, take a look through the preserved flower arrangements at Million Roses.

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