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Interview with Relationship Expert Karinna Karsten

We asked relationship advisor Karinna Karsten all about love and roses. Her clients include global executives, A-list celebrities and international brands and now she will share some wisdom with us how to create better relationships. 

What do roses symbolize when it comes to love? 

Romance, Thoughtfulness, Open Heartedness, Generosity, Love, Gratitude

Any meanings for love and rose colors?  What is your favorite? 

I love jewel tone colors… ruby, magenta, fuschia, rainbow make you feel a sense of awe and transcendence.

Ideas for the perfect love note to send with The Million Roses

“I love your naturalness, your wildness, your beauty…these roses are a symbol.” Karinna Karsten

As a woman when do I ever send my boyfriend flowers? 

Send flowers to a man when you are most inspired to communicate your love and appreciation for an amazing date, love, or partnership.

What is your advice for singles out there? How does one attract love? 

Be Authentic, Travel in circles of authentic passion and pleasure, Focus on sharing love and generosity, that is the vibration of true love. Use technologies like dating apps to help you find love and Relationship A.I. to make sense of your dating and relationship activity. 

How do you keep love alive? 

Love has to be alive in you. In the earliest stages or relationship, you can feel ALL IN, but as time goes by you have to BE LOVE, BE ROMANCE, BE INTIMATE. Don’t just expect it from your significant other.

What is the biggest dating mistake you see people do?

Patterning the same way over and over again, expecting different results. You have to expand your viewfinder, EQ and dating and relationship repertoire.

One proposal idea for someone who really wants to make it special:

Creating a secluded intimate proposal over water is truly romantic and sexy. Take a boat out for an afternoon or sunset on the ocean, bay, river, or lake and profess your love.  

“I wish I had sent her flowers” Is there a way to get your ex back? 

Show up differently for the relationship. Learn from former mistakes and don’t make them again. Have a love coach or therapist that helps you stay accountable to creating an amazing love story together.

Karinna Karsten is an international relationship authority and the Founder of the Relationship A.I. intelligence platform. She started off as a model and became a serial entrepreneur in the relationship technology and wellness fields and passionately cares about people and the planet. She brings more than a decade of experience, data and research to the topics of relationships and wellness. 

Karinna with our White Premium Box and Purple Roses

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