Modern Office Décor Ideas for Women

Chic & Modern Office Décor Ideas for Women

When most of us hear the words “office décor,” our minds turn to the basic and utilitarian. A grey waiting room chair covered in a sensible, durable fabric; a white bowl on a magazine table, full of rattan balls and perhaps an artificial lemon.

By and large, even when fashioned from quality materials, office décor on the whole is a rather intentionally unobtrusive thing. From simple framed palm tree prints hanging on the wall at the dentist, to a clear glass dish brimming with hard candy at a receptionist’s desk, there are certain “standard” pieces that we see slight variations of in nearly every office we visit. But…it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, from work office décor to home office décor, everything can indeed be coming up roses!

Office Desk Décor Ideas for Her

For the many of us that work desk or “computer jobs,” there are few elements of décor in our lives that we spend half as much time viewing as our desk décor. Even if that painting above the fireplace is our favorite piece, chances are good that we’ll spend significantly more hours of our lives looking at whatever photos, tchotchkes, and other whatnots we have on our desk. So why not upgrade your view? Don’t you deserve to spend 40+ hours a week with something lovely in your sight line?

  • Short on Space:

    Does every inch count on your work or home desk, with monitors, papers, and coffee cups aplenty? Chic, feminine office décor can still be yours! Consider adding your favorite hue from our single rose collection, or acrylic boxed rose collection. Pretty and petite, these make a big impact without taking up too much valuable real estate on your already-packed workspace.
  • Make an Entrance:

    Whether you’re upgrading the entryway at a law firm, salon, design agency, or admissions office at a university, first impressions matter! A lot of modern office décor options call on clean lines and metallic finishes, favoring minimalist vibes that are indeed modern, but also a bit masculine. Embrace a softer side of what modern can mean with a more organic approach, incorporating feminine office décor that is still elegant and professional, but more welcoming. If on-trend rose gold office décor aligns with the look you’re going for, consider adding our classic round box of rose gold roses near the entrance, or at the front desk.
  • Lots of Space to Fill:

    Have a larger office where a smaller bouquet would get lost in the shuffle? Consider our Deluxe box of roses, packed with 70-80 stunning stems in your choice of one or two different rose colors. The option to customize the rose colors presents a great opportunity to incorporate your company colors. Our long stem rose bouquets also make a perfect pick for offices that might already have decorative vases incorporated into the décor, currently sitting empty and ready for their roses!

Whichever of our office ideas for her you consider, rest assured that roses are enjoyed by men, as well. While many men might not be as inclined as women to keep a rose at their own desk, flowers are most certainly something that it is in human nature to appreciate. Our elegant boxed roses help you keep your office décor professional and polished, but a bit unexpected. And – quite simply – they’re beautiful! Couldn’t we all use a bit more beautiful in our days?

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