The Female Empowerment Series: Melanie Thomas

For our final interview celebrating Women's History Month, we had the great pleasure of speaking with Now United artist and singer Melanie Thomas.
With a brand new song topping over 13 Million views in just 2 weeks, and an Instagram following to match, Melanie is on her way to mega stardom fast. We were lucky enough to catch the young star long enough to hear her take on her booming career, life, and the women that inspire her most. 
What excited you the most about what you do? How did you end up in this career?
"I’m a singer and a part of the pop band Now United, and what excites me the most is that I’m able to learn and grow everyday as an artist. I learn what being in the music industry means, I can share my passion with millions of people, and I get to do all of that surrounded by the best people!
I was actually discovered on Instagram. When I was younger I used to post singing covers on YouTube and Instagram and talent scouts basically reached out to me through instagram direct messaging asking me if I wanted to audition for them."
Was there a memorable moment in your life that made you feel like you were on the right path?
"When I first joined Now United, I was at a stage in my life where I was trying to decide what my next move in life was going to be. I kept asking myself, 'what can i do that feels right to me?' I had a dream of becoming an artist. I made a decision in my mind that I will be ready at 16 years old to let opportunities come to me, and if the opportunites come, then I’ll have to take them. And that’s exactly what happened."
What is the most important quality you find to be necessary to succeed in your field?
"Patience. I’ve been learning in the industry that patience is key to everything. I know that it’s hard, especially if you are like me and want things to be done right away and everything to be perfect, but in reality that’s not how things work. You have to be patient in your decisions, in forming your opinions, in your life in general!" 
Who are some of your role models? 
"My mother. She is such a strong and powerful woman! She has been trough so much and she has always been a huge inspiration for me and continues to be an inspiration for me every single day."
You travel a great deal for work. What do you find to be the most challenging about being on the road?
"The food! When you grow up in a certain country and you are used to that local, homemmade food that your mother cooks for you, you don’t want to loose that for the world!"
What is your favorite thing to do in your own hometown?
"My favorite thing to do is to go for a walk with my childhood friend around the city like we used to do everyday when we were really young. Those moments are just so memorable."
We will send The Million Roses to a woman of your choice. Who would it be and why? Which rose box would you choose for that person? Which colors and style represent her/him? 
"I would send The Million Roses to my grandmother, who I have so much love for. I would send her classic roses probably, because she has never received flowers, my grandmother lived her whole life in a village in the Ivoiry Coast."
How do you show yourself a little extra love?
"I love to just take care of myself, especially to take care of my skin. I have such sensitive skin but once I care for it daily I feel confident and ready for the day."
What is a lesson from childhood that stood out to you that you still believe to be true today?
“Never let anybody tell you that what you are doing isn’t good, isn’t enough or is unnecessary. Back in school I used to be told that my singing on social media was unnecessary because nobody was doing it and it looked weird, but that’s the reason I am where I am today. I was also told that my hair was too curly and weird so I couldn’t be pretty, but that’s the biggest part of my confidence today.
Believe in yourself first!"
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
"In 10 years I want to be the most successful I can be as an artist, I want people to recognize me for my talent and hard work, but also as a person, I want people to see me for who I am, and to learn from me."
Watch Melanie's latest music video Run Till Dark here  and follow her on social media for more. 

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