The meaning of yellow roses

Does the yellow rose always stand apart for you, like a golden beacon and a ray of light among the other dull-petaled varieties? Well, it does the same for all of us, and there’s a wealth of history and value behind this spectacular creation of nature.

History of the Yellow Rose

The yellow rose first came into public light in the 18th century, when the Middle Eastern inhabitants found this flower growing wild in their vicinity. Since then, an exceptional interest in the flower led people to discover its medicinal properties and use it for decoration and confetti. The Victorian Era was the first to use the yellow rose varieties as gifts for special occasions. You would also find the yellow rose as a popular centerpiece at almost all the celebrations that happened back then. Over the years, many different meanings have been associated with this lovely yellow flower.

Many would shape yellow rose displays into particular symbols that concealed secrets between royal members at important balls. In other parts of the world, such as Japan and Korea, people also associated the yellow rose with jealousy.
Hence, if someone received a yellow flower, it would signify trouble for them, for it symbolized mistrust, jealousy, and even infidelity.


What Do Yellow Roses Mean Today?

There are several meanings of a yellow rose today, both good and bad. Let’s take a look at them below:




Happiness- the color yellow symbolizes optimism and happiness. Hence, the petals of a yellow rose to symbolize happiness and thus be an appropriate choice for celebrations.




Friendship- a yellow rose is most popular for symbolizing friendship. Many people find this flower significant to long-lasting friendships and connections.



Spirituality- you will find strong spiritual connotations in association with yellow roses too. In certain religions, yellow roses symbolize God’s love and showcase His work on earth through the yellow rose. This is why many find the vibrant yellow color of the flower resonating with joy and wisdom. In other religions, a yellow rose also symbolizes treachery, adultery, and deceit.

Gifting Yellow Roses

Yellow roses have been a popular choice of floral gifts over the years. Sending these to a loved one can serve as a loving and supporting gesture. Here are the occasions when an arrangement of yellow roses would be an appropriate choice.

⦁ You could send a friendship flower arrangement of yellow roses if your friend has found a new job, has an upcoming surgery, or simply as a thoughtful gesture.

⦁ You can send a bouquet of yellow roses as a sign of support to someone who is grieving over a loss. Yellow roses also spread hope and calm.

⦁ Yellow roses are also a perfect wedding because their yellowish-golden hue represents luck, joy, love, and blessings as well.

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