Sustainable and Classy 

Sustainable, classy roses preserved at the peak of their beauty. Nine years ago, Los Angeles-based luxury florist The Million Roses took hearts by storm with their exquisite infinity-roses set in chic boxes. Arranged by hand, these roses are fabulous, stylish, and stay fresh for at least three years. These California bouquets are unrivaled in elegance and sustainability.


“It shall rain red roses for me..." A song title as immortal as it is romantic, but today Hildegard Knef's dream from 1968 is a bit more complicated - particularly when it comes to roses and the challenges facing today’s environment. If you add up watering, cooling, storage, and transport for the popular cut flowers worldwide, the result is a total of 3,567,540 tons of CO2 per year. In other words, if you buy a bouquet of fresh roses every week for three years, you leave behind an ecological footprint that is equivalent to driving a car for 13,904 kilometers.

"We tend to forget that it takes more than driving an electric car, flying less or becoming vegan to reduce our carbon footprint."

But the good news is romance doesn’t have to be left behind, thanks to The Million Roses naturally preserved roses that last at least three years instead of a few days.

This is shown in the campaign video. The writer, filmmaker, actress has brought sustainability to life with flair and subtle humor against the scenic Malibu hills. Starring: The Fly Twins, identical twins, and models who just walked the Milan catwalk in Gucci's sensational "Twinsburg" show. The video features two souls in one breast and the message is clear: the eco-conscious wins. While one sister’s fresh roses are wilting, the other’s bright purple roses from The Million Roses beam in their decorative round box. In the end both sisters choose the classy, ​​sustainable variant.

The Million Roses features arrangements in various sizes from small to large, and vessels shaped in round, heart, square, or hexagonal boxes. The long-lasting roses are available in 35 colors, from classic red, pink, black, turquoise or silver - with brand new color standouts like sand, gray, baby pink and dark orchid. The new shades of the velvety, sensuous, suede boxes are beautiful and will make anyone fall in love at first sight. Box hues range from light blue and mint to bring freshness to every room (even on dark autumn days), while dark green and Bordeaux-colored boxes breathe warm elegance into any space.

The Superdome arrangement is the star of the new “Suede" collection providing that extra dose of glamour! The dome-like bouquets are the most lavish offering thanks to their quadrupled size and significant abundance of roses. Of course, The Million Roses also offers sweet little variants like the "single rose" as a special souvenir or token of friendship. The vases and transparent acrylic boxes provide both a luxurious home for the long-stemmed roses and a space for personal treasures. For unforgettable declarations of love and marriage proposals, a ring can be stylishly embedded in The Million Roses box!

Browse The Million Roses full collection online to select and personalize an elegant arrangement of your choice.

as SEEN in VOGUE Germany 

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