Luxury Rose Wedding Centerpieces

Luxury Rose Wedding Table Centerpieces

While we have almost as many favorite quotes about roses as we have roses themselves, one of our favorites is from novelist Paulo Coelho – “The rose is a rose from the time it is a seed to the time it dies. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential. It seems to be constantly in the process of change: Yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly all right as it is.”

Though truer words have never been spoken of roses, what makes this quote so special is how beautifully it also describes loving relationships. From the very first moment you met the person you’re about to marry, every step and journey along the way has been “perfectly all right as it is.” Much like a rose blossoming, you have continued to grow in yourselves and each other, with the potential for lifelong love “at each moment.” Perhaps this is what has made rose wedding centerpieces such a popular choice for many years, with our long lasting rose centerpieces offering a modern take on a timeless tradition.

  • Red Rose Wedding Centerpieces

    – While many couples choose roses to match their wedding colors, our red rose centerpieces are an ever-popular choice. The traditional rose color to represent love and romance, red roses are both classic and captivating. The Million Roses offers an extensive array of options to suit the size and shape you had in mind for your wedding, including our LOVE box red roses in a chic heart-shaped black box, and our premium round box of red roses, an ideal size for most tables.
  • White Rose Wedding Centerpieces

    – Our second most popular color for wedding centerpieces is white, with pink rose wedding centerpieces securing the third position with ease! White roses are favored for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is their natural beauty. They are also a popular choice for couples having all-white wedding décor, or couples who are opting for custom roses in their wedding colors, but want some white centerpieces to add balance. Much like our red roses, our white roses are available in an extensive selection of sizes, shapes, and box designs to perfectly complement your space.

Surprise Gifts for Bridesmaids

We love when couples share stories of how our luxury wedding table centerpieces helped make their perfect day even more special. One story we’d be remiss if we didn’t share with you is the story of the “surprise bridesmaid gifts!”

While many couples opt to keep their centerpieces for themselves to display throughout their home, one bride wanted to share some of the beauty with the wonderful women in her wedding party. Much like the bride herself, a bridesmaid’s day starts early and doesn’t stop until long after the final plate has been cleared, and the last guests are bidding their farewells. A big part of the couple’s special day, bridesmaids are often up before the sun to get their hair, makeup and nails done, moving from the salon to the ceremony to the location for photos to the reception to…you get the idea!

To give an extra special thank you to the fabulous females in her life, she gifted each of them one of her centerpieces before they found wherever they’d ditched their heels hours before to head home. While we absolutely love this idea, we also understand if you’ll be keeping your rose wedding centerpieces for yourself!

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