The Rose Garden

A Day in the Rose Garden with The Million Roses 

We love Roses. This is why we make them last forever. Preserve the Planet with our Preserved Roses. Discover our new Campaign "The Rose Garden" directed by our Creative Director Katharina Baron and featuring the incredible Fly Twins, who just walked the runway for Gucci this season.

The Rose Garden is romantic, timeless, and it reconnects us with nature. We love the beauty of roses so much. But would you just cut them and see them die after a few days? We love roses so much and nature so much, that we preserve our roses so they can live forever and we can admire them forever. The Million Roses need no water, last at least 3 years and you can schedule your delivery for anywhere you want. 

Our models Hope and Grace embody this timeless natural beauty, they are close to nature, read and bike in the beautiful rose garden. A day in the rose garden makes you want to reconnect to yourself, to nature and to our roses. Now you can take this beautiful feeling home and preserve the planet with our preserved roses.


New Campaign Video directed by Katharina Baron @katharina.baron featuring the @flytwinss DP Maximilian Schmige @maxschmige_dp Editing & Graphics Eric Tosstorff @et_motion Talents Fly Twins @flytwins @gracefly @hopefly Music Nelson Diaz @nelsondiazxx Clothing Yves Saint Laurent @ysl and Faith Connection @faithconnexion Paumé Los Angeles @paumelosangeles Hair and Make Up Aaron Barry @abhairmakeup Set Design @yoabrial

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The Rose Garden