How to Create the Perfect Proposal

Hide Your Ring in the Single Rose Box 

Have you ever considered hiding your engagement ring in a rose? Our Single Rose Box can make the perfect place to keep the engagement ring before you pop the question. As your partner opens the box, the ring can be resting delicately on top among the petals. If you choose a box with more roses your ring can be on a small plinth in the center of the arrangement. This unique way of hiding your engagement ring will be a guaranteed success. Your future wife

The Single Rose Box comes in a luxurious black box that is more impressive than the box your engagement ring comes in. You will create several surprise moments when your future wife first opens the black box and then the Single Rose Box where she can discover her engagement ring.

Why The Million Roses are Perfect for Engagements

You know you want your marriage proposal to be perfect. You want to create a memory that lasts a lifetime. Planning the perfect proposal isn’t easy. From the setting to the timing, there is a lot that goes into such an important moment. But there is one element you can incorporate into the proposal that is sure to surprise and delight the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. The Million Roses last forever and symbolize a love that will last forever.

Decorate the Venue with The Million Roses

Our Roses come with many meanings. What does a rose symbolize more than love and dedication to your partner? When you want to showcase your passion and commitment, creating a display of red roses can be the way to their heart. Or you can turn up the heat with orange roses, which can symbolize fiery passion, along with admiration.

You can create elaborate and stunning displays featuring a vast assortment of The Million Roses in different shapes and sizes. Mix a Heart Box, Deluxe Box and add Classic Dome Boxes. It looks impressive if you choose a Suede Box and the same rose color for all arrangements like this the collection is matching and symbolizes perfect harmony.. Or you can keep it subtle and intimate. It’s up to you how you want to showcase your love and admiration.

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