Classic Dark Green Suede Box | Sunflowers & Green Hydrangeas

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Classic Dark Green Suede Box | Sunflowers & Green Hydrangeas


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The Million Roses Classic Dark Green Suede box reinvents itself with this breathtaking floral fusion. The vivid colors of golden sunflowers with a pop of brilliant green hydrangeas highlight the flowers natural beauty and luxurious textures. The stunning bouquet is displayed in a contrasting hand-crafted dark green suede box, adding a polished touch that makes it an elegant gift or living room display. The sustainable arrangement stays fresh for at least 3 years, providing everlasting style in any space.

Box size: 7″
Number of flowers: 35-40 sunflowers + hydrangeas


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How it Last 3+ Years

Exquisite Preserved Long Lasting Roses (Last at Least 3 Years)

Our roses are grown in the verdant, sun-drenched fields of Ecuador. Only the most perfect, beautiful and vibrant roses are selected for use within our designs. Our team of floral experts then perform a sophisticated technique allowing the flowers to maintain their natural, fresh cut appearance. Instead of leaving them to dry, they undergo a rehydration process that involves being placed within a mixture of glycerin and other plant elements. This liquid gradually rises through the stem transforming the rose into the longest-lasting flower on the market.

Please note that the metallic color roses (gold, silver, rose-gold) are sprayed for that color and the paint application may cause cracks and/or spotting on the petals.

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