4 Unique Home Decor Ideas

4 Unique Ways to Decorate your Home with The Million Roses

You don’t like to live according to the rules. You’re unique and go your own way. This extends to your home décor. It’s full of unexpected but stunning design choices that are the talk of every dinner you host and the background of everyone’s favorite pictures. One of the ways you can help your home stand out is with our naturally preserved roses in their gorgeous arrangement. The Million Roses can be used to decorate spaces in unexpected but beautiful ways, whether you get yellow roses, purple ones, or classic red bouquet.

Add Some Life to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the perfect place to freshen up with a bouquet of The Million Roses, and you can do it in some unique ways to put a special spin on your décor. Consider getting our white premium box of pink or yellow roses and putting them inside a kitchen cabinet with glass doors. They can add some color to your kitchen in an unexpected place. Or you can get white roses that represent cleanliness or purity, and put them in the butler’s pantry. Every time you go to grab some dishes or your guest goes to grab a bottle of wine, the white roses will greet you with a fresh feeling in the room. 

Give the Living Room a Colorful Accent

Everybody loves to add some liveliness to their living room. You can do that and so much more with the right preserved roses. For a toned-down splash of beauty and color, get our long stem roses in a hue that matches the aesthetic of your living room. Put them in accent locations on shelves, end tables, and your entertainment center. Everyone expects flowers to be front and center, but our naturally preserved long stem roses are so versatile that they can transform a room from outside the spotlight. You can buy a dozen and then cut them to fit your vases, separate them and display throughout the whole house, or put them all into one vase as an impressive bouquet.

Try New Styles in the Dining Room

A premium or deluxe box with your favorite rose color can take its traditional spot at the center of the dining table, or you can find a unique place for it. Our square boxes of red, burgundy, or magenta roses can overlook the dining room on a shelf behind the head of the table. You can put an empty vase on a bar cart and fill it with our  long stem roses. Another unique idea is to put single roses near the corners of your dining table instead of a single bouquet in the center. However you do it, roses can help add some class and beauty to your dining room.

Mix and Match Colors and Looks in the Bedroom

A bedroom is an intimate place, and the décor can really impact your day. Fortunately, with the right roses, you can wake up and fall asleep to the same beautiful sight. When you have end tables on either side of your bed, you can put mismatching rose boxes on either side. You could make it symbolic, with a bright color on one side and a dark one on the other for a morning and night style. Another way to decorate with The Million Roses is to house the flowers next to the mirror. The illusion of multiple rose bouquets can instantly become the centerpiece of your room. However you decide to decorate, make sure you get creative with your Million Roses.

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