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The Million Roses Releases New Campaign Directed By Katharina Baron 

The new campaign for The Million Roses, imagined by creative director Katharina Baron, comes with a fun twist. The commercial, titled “A Summer Love Story,” shows a couple living the most romantic summer adventure in a stunning house in the hills of Los Angeles. Their language of love is The Million Roses, real preserved floral arrangements. And they’re beaming with a million smiles. But in the end, the film leaves you wondering if the roses last longer than summer love… 

Roses have always been synonymous with bringing beauty into your home and finding new ways to say “I love you.” The Million Roses puts a new spin on this classic gift d’amour by offering a wide array of curated bouquets and long stem roses. We may not all have a green thumb but who doesn’t love a touch of flowers to brighten their day? The Million Roses are for men, women, lovers, friends, or anyone looking for a classic new staple in their home decor. 

The company invented the original preserved rose box back in 2014. Ever since, all of their products are handmade in Los Angeles with roses that last up to three years. The Million Roses is a sensible choice for a more sustainable future as they don’t need water for maintenance and last so much longer than any bouquet on the market. The Million Roses has collaborated with high fashion brands such as Gucci, creating their private label bouquet that is highly sought-after by collectors. They ship internationally and have grown a European fan base with websites launching in France, Germany, Italy, and the UK this summer.

The new campaign is just a start for The Million Roses and Baron, who joins the company as Creative Director to imagine new products and collections. 

Q&A with Katharina Baron 

How did you come up with the idea for the commercial?

I really wanted to create the perfect dreamy couple that enters this beautiful bubble and keeps giving themselves The Million Roses. They decorate their home together and go on these beautiful dates. But then, we show an open-ended ending when the girlfriend plays a game of “he loves me, he loves me not” with the rose petals. I used to play it as a kid and feel modern relationships are often like that. Many summer loves might not actually last that long, but we can keep the beautiful memory alive. I wanted to give a more positive outlook on breakups in general - preserving the love that we were lucky to have just as we preserve the beauty of The Million Roses for years. And who knows? They might get back together. Or even get married! But I do believe we need to play more when it comes to romance and love. 

What do you love most about directing? 

I’m most at home behind the camera as I feel you can be more creative when you decide the vision, tone, style, and look and feel. It is like an extension of my thoughts; a filter on how I see life. I just love to bring my visions to life and to collaborate with my team – especially my DP Maximilian Schmige and Durable Goods, who represent me as a director. They make every day on set so much better. In my everyday life, I am always on the lookout for special locations like the one in this commercial. I want to capture everything around me when I travel or see beautiful places.

Were you always a flower girl? 

I’ve never really had a green thumb, so when I bought flowers in the past, I inevitably watched them die after two days. I love that the process of preserving the flowers from The Million Roses is natural and that they last for several years. Roses, in general, are often imported from Ecuador and have a huge carbon footprint and impact on our climate if we get them fresh. One thing that most people don’t know about The Million Roses is that they also have long stem roses, so that you can create your own bouquets and arrangements at home. You can also design your own box and add your initials, emojis, color combinations, and zodiac signs. 

After working for clients like Swarovski, Vogue, and Mercedes-Benz, you are now also the Creative Director of The Million Roses. What are your plans for the brand? 

There’s such a passion for and joy in giving gifts. The Million Roses is all about this good feeling we get when we think more about our loved ones. If there’s anything we’ve learned from these past few years, it’s that family, love, and beauty are the things that matter most in life. I am working on some collections that I love personally and want to keep the brand diverse and open to all who want to make a more conscious gift choice. 

This article was orginally featured on Schön! Magazine.

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