An Interview with Danielle Vasinova

Actress Danielle Vasinova chats with The Million Roses about believing in the beauty of your dreams, love and her favorite roses. 

You celebrated your birthday with the Million Roses in New York. Which arrangement and box did you choose and why? 

I was actually doing a photoshoot in NYC and Million Roses graciously offered me an arrangement. I chose the LOVE bouquet with red roses (that included a monogram in black roses!) The arrangement perfectly complemented the simple elegance theme of the shoot.

What are your favorite rose colors? 

I love yellow roses with orange-red tips. They remind me of the colors in a beautiful sunset.  

Los Angeles or New York? What are your favorite spots? 

Both! I was raised in New York and wouldn’t miss a chance to go to my favorite local dive bar Welcome to the Johnson’s when I visit. I’ve been in Los Angeles for a decade and always look forward to shopping Abbot Kinney and eating at my favorite Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi (with the best truffles in town!)

You are quite active in philanthropy lately tell us more about it? 

I’m involved with Heroes and Horses, an organization dedicated to helping our veterans with PTSD reintegrate into civilian life. My grandmother was a supporter of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and I’m writing a children’s book series based on her life. A portion of the proceeds from the books will be donated to St. Jude’s in her honor. Also, the plight of refugees is a concern for me and I hope to become an ambassador for UNHCR.    

When we look at your Instagram we feel you have a great self care routine? Tell us more about how you unwind? 

Yoga is an important part of my weekly self care routine for physical and mental wellbeing. In the evenings, I light a candle, meditate, and set intentions for the next day. To decompress, I like to put on a facial skin care mask and watch a funny movie or lighthearted rom-com.  

What is your life philosophy? 

At the heart of my life philosophy is to believe in the beauty of your dreams. 

You chose the box from the “love” collection what does love mean to you? 

Everything! Love is the essence of life. It’s what you feel for yourself and the beauty you project to others. Love is non-judgemental, supportive, and given without expectation. 

What advice would you give women who are dreaming of an acting or modeling career? 

Believe in yourself. Make a plan then adapt it as things change. Surround yourself with people who will be there with you through both the good and the bad. Remember that it’s not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself: You are the hero of your own journey. 

What are other ways you try to empower women? 

I strongly believe in supporting women owned businesses. I also believe that we all rise together through open, honest, and mutually supportive communication. I will gladly share my experiences with other women and welcome the opportunity to hear theirs. 

Who are your role models? 

My grandmother was an actress and singer in Prague. She inspired me to pursue my own career and I draw strength from her perseverance as an immigrant to the United States. My mother has always been very supportive and encouraged me in the pursuit of my dreams. I also greatly admire Oprah: She built an amazing and diverse empire yet remains a person of the people.  

How important is gratitude to you for yourself or towards others? 

I believe that gratitude leads to good things for both the giver and the receiver. I see it as a facet of kindness and the world is a better place with more kindness.

Tell us more about yourself and your career! 

I’m excited to be in a movie called Savage Midlife with Eddie Griffin coming out in 2023. I also recently joined Heroes Journey Podcast as co-host with musician Bryan Hopkins where we’ll be talking with celebrity guests about their path to success with the goal to inspire and be inspired. I’m writing a series of children’s books based on my grandmother’s life called The Adventures of Boppy Bear. In addition, I’m looking forward to new film, television, and voiceover projects. 

Our flowers don’t need any water and last at least 3 years. Are you supporting any climate change or sustainability charities or did you change anything in your life to be more conscious? 

I support Global Green’s sustainability and climate change initiatives. I strive to be a conscientious consumer and use personal care and household products from natural and sustainable sources. 

Personaliza your Million Roses like Danielle with her Initials and select a box shape and size that matches your taste. 

Danielle is pictured with our “Love” Collection Supreme Box with Red and Black Roses. Follow Danielle on Instagram.

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