An Interview with Eugenia Kuzmina

Eugenia is a supermodel and a supermom and above all a super funny comedian. She met up with Katharina Baron to talk about her busy life as model mom and her love for flowers.

You are a model, actress, mom - how do you stay on top of everything?

I believe as parents and especially women we are taught to do it all or at least that's what's Hollywood and society projects into parents who are also passionate about having a career. I believe the goal is quality over quantity and its more important to be present in what you do then do it all. There's a great book I just finished reading “Deep Work" by Cal Newport and he has done research into how rare it is to be focused on one thing and do it well in a world with so many distractions. I also am not perfect and mess up by either missing jobs or forgetting my kids in the supermarket …. Of course The Million Roses is super helpful in case to smooth things up.

You chose the black rose box with purple roses. Is that your favorite color? What colors do you like?

My husband, Bill Block who runs Miramax was so so exited for this Father's day gift!!! I think flowers are not only a gift for women, they are an expression of beauty and care. I love how The Million Roses have so many color combinations and options! Purple represents royalty and is a symbol of a purple heart (to celebrate his honor and spirit) and my husband just loves color black, being a native New Yorker! I honestly love red as its all about passion and I also love funny combinations being a comedian.

What do roses represent to you?

I’d say its depends on the mood. I love how many choices The Million Roses have and that I can choose according to the mood, I’m definitely a very spontaneous and not a routine person so if its a choice I’d have them all!

We love your taste. Can you give us some ideas where you display the rose boxes in your house?

I love flowers, especially roses, they represent so much: beauty, impermanence of it, they have thorns while smelling so nice. Flowers definitely brighten my day and bring a lot of atmosphere to the house. We have a very open flowing house and I love to situate flowers where my guests would find an enjoyable and peaceful spot for a conversation. That said it would be main dining table , near our wall large book case, I love a touch of red in the bedroom and may be white by the bathtub to have a relaxing evening. Life feels more sensual with flowers around and I’m so happy to find your company I love that the arrangements last longer as well.

Eugenia is pictured with our Classic Black Box with Purple Roses.

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