Are Forever Roses Better Than Fresh Roses?

Since the increase in popularity of preserved flowers, there has been a lot of debate about which type of arrangement is better - preserved or fresh. There are a lot of pros and cons to each, which can make it difficult to determine which style of flowers is best for you.

So, let’s take a look at both types of flowers and see how they stack up to one another in 6 categories - lifespan, color variation, allergies, price, versatility, and care procedures.


Preserved Roses v.s. Fresh Roses:
The Head to Head Battle


This is a pretty easy win for preserved roses! A preserved rose arrangement by Million Roses can easily last up to three years. Alternatively, fresh roses will only last a few days without additional care.

Even if you provide consistent care to your cut roses, you will be hard pressed to get them to last longer than 7-14 days.

Fresh roses also have the disadvantage of needing water, which has the potential to sour before your flowers die. This can be prevented with some additional maintenance, but if your water does get smelly, you may end up having to dispose of the flowers before they even begin to wilt!


Color Variations:

Preserved roses and fresh roses can both come in a variety of colors.

With preserved roses, the options are practically limitless. You can even get hyper-neon colors and metallic shades of gold and silver.

Fresh roses can be dyed as well, which means you can get many of the same colors in fresh roses, including rainbow. However, fresh roses are typically unable to maintain metallic shades. This means that “gold” roses are a much flatter shade of gold and don’t refract light in the way metallic preserved roses do.



Even though roses self-pollinate, the greens that accompany them and the other flowers they come into contact with during arranging can make them a nightmare for allergy sufferers.

Preserved roses solve the allergy issue because the preservation process kills any pollen or other allergens on the flower. This means that even if the flower was cross-contaminated by another plant, the final product will be allergen-free!



It can be pretty misleading to compare prices on fresh rose arrangements and preserved roses. This is because while many fresh rose arrangements can cost hundreds of dollars, there are some places that offer a simple rose bouquet for as low as $20.

However, these low-cost flowers tend to wilt quickly and lose petals upon the gentlest touch.

Plus, fresh flowers don’t last long. So, if you are buying fresh roses as a decor item in your home, you will need to replace them regularly, which makes the price increase higher and higher with each passing week.

Preserved roses can sometimes cost a bit more up front (completely dependent on the size of your arrangement) but they last for up to 3 years! This means that each arrangement is a small investment into a decor item with years of usability.

Let’s compare the yearly cost of maintaining an arrangement of 1 dozen pink roses:

Fresh cut roses

  • $75 up front
  • Replace every two weeks
  • Total cost for the year: $1950
  • $149 up front
  • No need to replace for 3+ years
  • Total cost for the year: $149


Preserved Roses and Fresh roses are both incredibly versatile gifts! You can give either to anyone in your life for practically any occasion. You can give your roses to men, women, family, friends, coworkers - the list is endless.

We also love that roses can be used as decor at home and in the office, and the customization of colors and arrangements can help you match the roses to any existing decor!


Care Procedures:

Caring for fresh roses can be a bit much.

First, you must make sure that the stems are trimmed below the water to keep the plant material from decaying and spoiling the water.

You must also keep the water replaced and supplemented with plant food to keep your roses from wilting and dying within days of receiving them.

You must also ensure any guard petals around the blooms are removed and that your roses are consistently rotated to ensure all flowers are in the water and receiving nutrients.

Despite all this work, they will inevitably wither away over the next few weeks.

Preserved roses require little care.

You must keep them in a relatively cool and dry place as contact with water can damage them.

You also need to ensure you don’t crush the flowers, which is a concern with fresh roses as well.

There is no water to replace and the flowers do not need to be fed.

Over time, you may need to dust the flowers with a stream of cool air from a blow duster or can of compressed air. Just ensure your stream of air isn’t too strong as to not damage the petals of the preserved flowers.


Preserved Roses Overall Pros and Cons


  • Preserved roses are super easy to care for!
  • Preserved flowers come in any color imaginable, including metallics.
  • Preserved flowers don’t irritate allergies.
  • Preserved flowers can last for years while still looking pristine.


  • Preserved roses can be more expensive up front.
  • Your preserved flowers may gather dust over time.
  • Preserved roses should be kept out of intense, direct sunlight.

Fresh Roses Overall Pros and Cons


  • Fresh roses can be less expensive up front than preserved arrangements
  • Petals can be pulled off of fresh roses without crumbling, which is appealing for some craft projects.
  • Fresh roses are more resistant to fall damage, though they can still be damaged with rough handling.


  • Fresh flowers die far more quickly and are messy when wilting and shedding petals.
  • Fresh roses require more care to keep from dying or rotting.
  • There are no metallic color options in fresh flowers.
  • Fresh flower spills can damage items near them due to their water.

A Few Extra Reasons to Love Million Roses
Preserved Rose Arrangements

1. The Display Containers are As Beautiful as The Flowers:

The arrangements available through The Million Roses are all nestled inside gorgeous containers that utilize color, texture, and modern design to create a stunning base for the flowers of your choice. Even the single roses come in a variety of gorgeous containers!

2. There is a Price Point for Everyone:

Just like with fresh roses, you can adjust the size of your arrangement to help offset cost. If you want to start with a mini arrangement, you will spend far less than if you purchase multiple dozens of roses at once. You can even buy a single, statement rose. It is super cost-effective and a great gift for dozens of occasions!

3. They Ship Right To Your Door:

You can get an arrangement from The Million Roses delivered to you for far less than traditional flower vendors. Some of our shipping options are even totally free! Of course, we even offer expedited air shipping for less than $40!

4. You Can Order Early:

Ordering fresh flowers requires you to operate in this tiny window of time when shipping costs the lowest but you won’t get the flowers so early that they die before anyone sees them. Preserved flowers are totally different. Have money now for a gift you are giving in two months? Go ahead and order your preserved arrangement and know that with minimal care (maybe a dusting before you hand them over) your roses will look just as good when you give them as when you ordered them!

5. They Have a Non-Traditional Design

Fresh Flowers are pretty limited in the way they can be arranged due to the need to be in water-tight bases.

Preserved roses are totally different.

The Million Roses has arrangements in a variety of shapes and with different heights and geometric appeals, so your flowers will be as unique as you desire. Try out a heart-shaped arrangement for your valentine or opt for a staggered, square setup that displays each of your roses in all their glory!

Preserved Roses vs. Fresh Roses -
Final Thoughts

There may be a few reasons that someone might choose fresh roses over preserved roses, but the majority of these comparisons go to show that preserved roses are better than fresh in so many ways!

If you are in a last second snafu and need flowers immediately, a grocery store likely has a lovely set of fresh cut roses you can purchase for under $50. However, if you are looking for a hardy gift that is customizable, beautiful, unique, and can last for over three years, preserved roses are the best way to go.

Check out the hundreds of varieties and options available to you through The Million Roses, and you will see what all the fuss is about!

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