Best Flowers for the Aries Horoscope

“Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.” — Dane Rudhyar

Flowers have long been linked to romance and passion and symbolize a wider range of emotions, including joy, happiness, and gratitude. If you're looking to make a lasting impression with your floral gift, we suggest gifting a flower arrangement based on the recipient's zodiac sign. Below are our top recommendations for flowers for Aries.

What Does the Aries Zodiac Sign Stand For?

Aries is the first astrological sign, and its name comes from the constellation that bears the same name. The Latin for ram is Aries, and the ram is the most common symbol for the sign. Fire is the natural element that is most closely associated with this sign, which is ruled by the planet Mars.

The zodiac sign Aries refers to all people born between March 20th and April 19th. Aries are known for their independent, optimistic, and courageous spirit. They are bold, ambitious, honest, and direct.

Best Flowers for Aries

Thistle & Honeysuckle

Aries represents new beginnings due to its position at the beginning of the zodiac calendar. We love spring as new flowers start to bloom, and their fragrant smells fill the air. There are two official Aries flowers, thistle, and honeysuckle.

The thistle is a vibrant light purple flower that has inspired poetry and ode to romantic love. The flower is also regarded as a badge of honor in Scotland, which has helped the flower achieve regal status. We suggest giving this flower to an Aries as a symbol of respect.

There are over 180 species of honeysuckle, and the flowers are often associated with love and happiness. Honeysuckles are sweet, and representative of Aries tendencies to be charming and kind to others.

Other flowers that are linked to the Aries zodiac sign include tulips, poppies, tiger lilies, and geraniums. However, one flower that is becoming more and more closely associated with Aries is the rose.

Best Roses for Aries

The rose is associated with passion and confidence, both characteristics of this zodiac sign. When choosing roses for Aries, we recommend deep, passionate reds.

Red is the color most closely associated with Aries due to its connection to the planet Mars. Aries love fiery red roses, which speak directly to their confident and determined personality. Red is also the color of luck for Aries, and we highly recommend gifting these to someone you love.

Another great color option for Aries roses is orange. Orange hues are heavily prevalent in fire and are often connected to confidence and the ability to overcome hurdles and challenges. We suggest gifting orange roses to show support, encouragement, or acknowledgment for a job well done.

We have a stunning array of elegant, long-lasting roses in our One Million Roses collection that are perfect for every occasion. Let us help you choose flowers for that special Aries in your life. From deep reds to bold oranges, we can help you bring joy and happiness to those you care about most.

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