The Female Empowerment Series: Loan Chabanol

French-American actress, artist, and model Loan Chabanol answers our questions regarding love, work ethic, and life in this week's interview on Female Empowerment. 
What should we celebrate on women’s day? What does women’s empowerment mean to you?
"We should celebrate the numerous accomplishments women have been able to do until now, especially in the last few years. Women's voices have been growing and most of all, we are able to be heard and considered for who we are. As women, we have such a strong connection with the world, I feel that our strength comes from our deep ability to love, to forgive and to create. There is so much empowerment when you decide to own your story, to look at things for what they are and to decide to make a change."
You worked as a model, artist and actress - what do you love most? 
"It's hard to say. I feel that each career served me and helped me to become who I am in so many different ways. I love them all for everything it taught me."
Which women are you inspired by? Who are your role models? 
"I am inspired by any women who speaks her truth. Women who are brave enough to go out there and make a change for herself and for others around her. I admire women who are not afraid to start a new career or to say no to whatever it is that doesn't raise their energy. I love integrity and dignity, the kind of women who walk what they talk."
What advice would you give your younger self or to young girls looking up to you?
"I would tell my youngest self to not worry and that everything will work out. I would tell her that I trust her to make the right choices for herself and that only she knows what is best for her. I would encourage younger girls to pick and stick to whatever they choose to do in life. To be consistent and to be grateful. I would also tell them that it's ok if they realize they took a wrong path, that they can always change and start something better. That life teaches you all along about who you are. The good, the bad, everything is an experience and what matters is what you learn from it." 
How can consciousness and mindfulness help us women in everyday life?
"It's important to know who you are. And If you forget, because it can happen, then go back to the place where you know you can be your best self. Do the things that raise your energy, read, write, go spend time with whomever makes you laugh, go for a walk in the park and pass it on to the next person who struggles with themself. Your thoughts, your vibration and your energy are everything, it will create the day that you want to have."
You started working at a young age and became quickly independent - what did this teach you? 
"It taught me to not rely on anyone. I came from a very modest family so there was no safety net. It definitely shaped me and pushed me to stay focused and to finish everything that I start."
We will send The Million Roses to a woman of your choice. Who would it be and why? Which rose box would you choose for them? Which colors and style represent her? 
“I can buy myself flowers” - what do you do for yourself to stay grounded and happy?
"I try to keep my energy and soul in check. Always. I constantly reflect on things. I connect with the deepest part of myself on a daily basis. Practicing tai chi and meditation so I can balance my emotions."  
What can we do collectively to support women? 
"It's very important to encourage women, to tell each other how inspiring we can be to one another.  To support each other's dreams and aspirations, to share our common ground instead of our differences. To not judge, to try to understand one another. There is so much more benefit in helping others. It brings us together."
Do you have a life philosophy?
"Work on yourself and mind your own business!" 
You can learn more about Loan Chabanol here. Stay tuned for more weekly interviews by The Million Roses for Women's History Month. 

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