Holiday Gift Guide - Thanksgiving

The holiday season is fast approaching and surely you’re racking your brains for the best gift ideas for your loved ones. But when we say the word best, we don’t think anything else befits it better than flowers. After all, aren’t flowers the most beautiful gifts of nature?

Roses have inspired creativity, romance, love, happiness and art for centuries and still continue to do so.

Tell us one person whose heart does not move at the sight of a gorgeous bouquet of roses from their loved one?

We know we swoon with delight each time someone is kind enough to bestow nature’s most glorious gift upon us. Surely you would too!



Hence, we suggest not to consider anything else beyond roses as the perfect thanksgiving or Christmas gift for your special ones. And here’s how you can make this gift idea even better:


Choose the Roses Meaningfully


We know that roses are very expressive, aren’t they? That is why they’re the first things couple’s rush to buy when they’re planning to go down on a knee to propose. Fact is that roses are a universal symbol of adoration and love, especially the red ones. 

Hence, pay attention to the person you’re gifting the roses to and the relationship you share with them. Then, choose a relevant variety, such as red is for passion and love, pink is for remembrance,
white represents beauty etc. 

It is not the act of giving but the thoughtfulness into the choice of roses that will mean the most for the recipient. 


Choose Your Recipient’s Favorite Colors


Personalize the roses as much as you can and there is no better way than to choose an arrangement in the receiver’s favorite colors. Try to discover their preferences subtly if you don’t already know it. Then, ask the florist to put together a bouquet of those hues. Imagine how touched they will be at your thoughtfulness!


Choose Season-Specific Roses


We have hellebores that we refer to as the Christmas rose simply because the flowers have dark red or white petals. They also bear a strong resemblance to wild roses and thus make an ideal Christmas gift choice. If you know someone in your family who’d go bananas over Christmas roses on Thanksgiving or Christmas, you know just what to get them. 


Add Filler Plants


Add an extra element of delight and visual treat by incorporating filler plants in your roses. They’re always welcomed at thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings because of the stunning addition they make to tablescapes.  

Roses never fail to win hearts and charm even the most unromantic people. Trust us, this season let your loved ones feel extra special with an exquisite bouquet of roses from you!


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