Milestone Birthday Gift Ideas

Meaningful Milestone Birthday Gifts for Her

“A birth-date is a reminder to celebrate the life as well as to update the life.” – Amit Kalantri

While every birthday is celebration-worthy and special in its own right, there are some birthdays commonly regarded as much more pivotal than others. Sometimes, the reasons a birthday feels like a milestone leans to the logical, such as an 18th birthday bringing with it the right to vote. Other times, the reasons are more emotional, such as saying goodbye to your teen years, or your twenties.

But whether logical, emotional, or the likely mix of both, many people approach milestone birthdays with a “Personal New Year’s” state-of-mind. They see this as the perfect time to finally lean into their passions, and transform wishes into goals. Or, maybe they’re just excited they can finally rent a car! Whatever the scenario, you can help share something thoughtful with a fabulous female in your life with our meaningful milestone birthday gift ideas!

21st Birthday Gifts

With 21 being the legal drinking age across the US, many 21st birthday gift ideas are centered around alcohol. But as marvelous as mimosas may be, a lady wants more than shots for her special day! Among our top picks are the ever-popular acrylic rose boxes. From candy-colored pastel roses to deeply-hued reds, blue, and black roses, we’re sure to have one she’ll love!

30th Birthday Gifts

As Facebook posts can attest, many women turning 30 are full of mixed emotions – excited to move forward into a new decade with the valuable life lessons their 20s taught them, but also a bit sad to bid them farewell. It can bring a bit of mental confusion as well. Suddenly, your age starts with a whole new number, and it’s a smidge like that first week of January where you keep writing the wrong year. At The Million Roses, we encourage 30th birthday gifts that welcome your friend to not only accept the “3” but celebrate it! And what better way than with a “3” made of roses?

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

“Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research.” - Carl G. Jung

Add even more fabulousness to her fortieth with one of our glitziest, most glamorous gifts – the Crystal Edition Gold Roses Box. This lavish and luxurious arrangement is ideal for the woman who appreciates the finer things in life. A round, black suede box is hand decorated in shimmering fine crystals, while the 12-15 long lasting roses inside glimmer in gold and “diamond dust.”

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Among our most meaningful 50th birthday gift ideas is the The Million Love box. An elegant, oversized heart-shaped box with – you guessed it! – approximately 50 long lasting preserved roses tucked inside. Choose from an array of our most popular color options, including light blue roses, silver roses, and red roses.

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