New Sunflower Collection

The Million Roses Sunflower Collection 

Luxury wrapped in the unexpected. The Million Roses Classic Black box deviates from more traditional arrangements and marries green hydrangeas with a burst of golden sunflowers to create a sophisticated bouquet. The rich design is displayed in a contrasting hand-crafted black box that adds dimension and gravitas to the whimsical flowers. An elegant addition to our floral collection, this box’s naturally preserved flowers stay fresh for at least 3 years and is the perfect gift to brighten up your own home or to make a loved one smile infinitely.

When you think of sunflowers, what comes to mind? You may imagine walking in a field in the backroads of Colorado, wild and wonderful stems and heads of little suns popping up all around you. The smell of sunshine on the natural earth on a warm day with a cool breeze in your hair. Or maybe you remember seeing them first as a child. Their deep brown centers draw you in, making you wonder how far those long and delicate yellow petals can reach. For so many of us, sunflowers hold a special place in our hearts. A simple and effortless reminder of a beautiful day, time with a loved one, an afternoon spent in carefree wonder. 

For The Million Roses Creative Director Katharina Baron, sunflowers bring home the sun.

"As we move into a colder season, I like to bring a little extra joy and light with me wherever I go. Especially at home. I think we're all looking for a little extra sun these days!" The Southern California based director adds with a smile.  

At The Million Roses, our floral designers have taken to the task of curating a little bit of this much desired sunshine. A sophisticated take on the most classic and heartwarming flower, The Million Roses' sunflower bouquet is a promise of joy and bright times ahead. Decadent sunflowers find new life and a fresh look bathing in lush green hydrangeas and nestled in our classic luxurious boxing options.

As every flower is naturally different, so are the many reasons and occasions to send a box of undeniably beautiful flowers. Especially as The Million Roses’ much sought after flowers have been rumored to last and hold both shape and scent for several years. 

"This particular set is so special because the sunflowers have the opportunity to shine more on their own and in their own light, or coupled with a heavier background of green hydrangeas." Explains our Creative Director. "It's really lovely to get to choose the style that best suits your own unique occasion, and how you wish the flowers to be presented." 

The sunflowers can be presented in either a dark green, royal blue, light blue, hot pink, light pink or bordeaux hand-crafted suede box, as well as the classic white or black round or square boxing. Whichever presentation you choose, our flowers beam brightly wherever they are placed. The perfect accent to any bedroom, living space, or entrance way. 

Browse The Million Roses online now to select your curated box of sunshine. 

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