The Million Roses vs Regular Flowers: Luxury Meets Sustainability

Embracing Forever Roses and Eco-Consciousness

In the realm of luxury roses, The Million Roses stands out as a symbol of sustainable luxury flowers and forever roses. These exceptional roses blend the beauty of nature with eco-conscious practices, offering a luxurious yet environmentally friendly alternative to regular flowers.

The Allure of Forever Roses: A Testament to Luxury

The Million Roses redefine the concept of luxury with their enduring beauty. Unlike regular flowers that wilt quickly, these long-lasting roses symbolize the pinnacle of sustainable luxury, making them the perfect premium flower gift.

Eco-Friendly Roses: Pioneering Sustainable Luxury

At the core of The Million Roses is a commitment to sustainability. These eco-friendly roses are naturally preserved, requiring no water, thus significantly reducing the environmental impact. In contrast, regular roses contribute to a staggering 3,567,540 tons of CO2 emissions due to cooling, storage, and transportation processes worldwide. This striking difference underscores the environmental superiority of The Million Roses as a choice for environmentally friendly roses and sustainable luxury flowers.

The Million Roses Campaign: A Message of Sustainability

The recent campaign for The Million Roses, shot in the picturesque Malibu, features the Fly Twins, renowned for their work with high-end brands like Gucci. In a compelling narrative, one twin showcases the timeless beauty of The Million Roses, while the other, with regular roses, visibly portrays the disappointment of fleeting beauty. This stark contrast powerfully communicates the sustainable and lasting appeal of The Million Roses.

Longevity and Elegance: The Practicality of Premium Flower Gifts

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, The Million Roses are a practical choice for those seeking long-lasting and eco-friendly luxury. Regular flowers, often replaced weekly, have a carbon footprint equivalent to driving 8640 miles over three years. Choosing The Million Roses significantly reduces this environmental burden, making them the smarter and more sustainable choice.

Transforming Spaces with Elegant Home Décor and Unique Gift Ideas

As leaders in elegant home décor and unique gift ideas, The Million Roses transform living and gifting experiences. These high-end floral arrangements not only beautify spaces but also align with the values of sustainability and conscious consumption.

A Conscious Choice for Luxury and Sustainability

Embracing The Million Roses is more than a preference for luxury; it's a commitment to sustainability. These forever roses offer a way to enjoy the beauty of nature responsibly, proving that luxury and eco-friendliness can coexist harmoniously.


New Campaign Video directed by Katharina Baron @katharina.baron 

DP Maximilian Schmige  @maxschmige_dp 

Editing & Graphics  Eric Tosstorff @et_motion 

Talents Fly Twins @flytwins @gracefly @hopefly 

Music Nelson Diaz  @nelsondiazxx 

Clothing Chloé @chloe and Staud @staud  Paumé Los Angeles @paumelosangeles 

Hair and Make Up Aaron Barry  @abhairmakeup

Set Design @yoabrial

Production Ryan Wadzinski @durablegoods

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