August is Romance Awareness Month—How Are You Celebrating? 

The Hot Pink Classic Suede Box with Light Pink Roses from our August Picks

3 Reasons to Celebrate Romance Awareness Month

You may not have known that Romance Awareness Month is in August. It’s true! While February is an ideal month to prioritize romance in your relationship, August provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate romance halfway through the year too. Plus, August 14th is Romance Awareness Day, so you can dedicate a whole day to romance exactly six months after Valentine’s Day and show your partner how much you love them.

Romance Awareness Month is a month-long reminder to keep the romance burning in your relationship. It’s not to say any of us need a reminder—but it’s nice to have a reason to do something really special. It reminds us of the importance of communication, love, and intimacy. So, as we approach August—and August 14th—how can you bring a little “romance awareness” into your relationship? From giving your significant other a beautiful bouquet of The Million Roses to planning a weekend picnic in the park, here are a few ideas sure to inspire!

Give the Gift of our Forever Roses

Roses are the perfect romantic gesture. They’re beautiful, elegant, and communicate how much you truly care. Give the gift of roses this August, and let them bring color and beauty into your relationship for years to come. Once Romance Awareness Month comes to an end our roses last up to 3 Years and can help keep the romantic flame alive in your relationship every time you see them.

Plan a Picnic with All Their Favorite Foods

August has one major advantage over February when it comes to celebrating love. In February, going on a romantic picnic in the park or on the water could be challenging, depending on where you live. In August, it can make perfect sense. The weather is typically warm. But better to be a little warmer than chilly, right?

As far as celebrating your love for your significant other, it’s hard to beat a picnic featuring some of their favorite foods and decorate the picnic with The Million Roses. It’s even better when you take time to hand-pick their favorite colors. Set aside a morning or afternoon sometime in August and bring them to a spot where the two of you can indulge in delicious foods surrounded by your favorite Million Roses arrangements and enjoy each other’s company. 

Bring Your First Date to Life

Maybe your first date was full of anxiety, stumbling over your words, and awkward pauses. But when you look back on it, it’s probably a date to remember. In celebration of Romance Awareness Month, why not recreate your first date? Go to those places where you first felt that spark. Enjoy the same drinks, dessert, and dinner. If you brought roses along, it’s a perfect opportunity to give your partner a Million Roses bouquet  to mark the occasion. They’ll enjoy the night and remember your recreated first date for years to come.

We have a special surprise for you and a sale of our August Favorites. Choose from the most beautiful arrangements and celebrate in style. 

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