The Female Empowerment Series: Martina Rattà

We had the pleasure of speaking with top talent manager Martina Rattà for this week's interview. As we celebrate female achievements all throughout Women's History Month, Rattà opens up about her journey managing top TikTok & Instagram stars in a male-dominated space, leveraging the opportunities that come your way and taking charge to write your own story.


You are the talent manager of one of the biggest TikTok stars in Europe. How did you end up in this career? 


“My family was one of the biggest factors. They are hard-workers and I was raised to believe I could achieve any dream of mine if I worked hard and took advantage of opportunities. I was raised in an eclectic environment, surrounded by art, music, literature, fashion & design and was always attracted by the necessary balance between art & science to succeed in these fields. I graduated from Bocconi University in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture & Communication and eventually ended up working in social media, PR and Influencer endorsements."

"I got the chance to start collaborating with a group of friends, almost just for fun at first, on a social media agency project. We actually ended up becoming one of the main award-winning young firms in Europe in less than one year.  This experience allowed me the opportunity to gain a global view of how much value and impact digital creator partnerships can offer, and deepened my understanding of how to build relationships, execute re-branded and ad campaigns, but most importantly, I found my “ikigai”. I found my purpose in supporting young talents in developing their careers across digital media and new entertainment trends, guiding them to achieve their goals and dreams with respect and compassion. This is not a job where there are guidelines or rules, just passion, curiosity, hard work, and pure determination. That’s exactly what attracted me to this career, and what I look for now when I select new talent.” 


Was there a memorable moment in your life that made you feel like you were on the right path?


“Every day is memorable, and every day should be an achievement. That’s my mantra. Honestly, I never focused on being on the right path, and that has probably been my strength. How can somebody say which is the right path? I have always pushed myself to think outside the box and to make my own way, that’s exactly what I suggest to my talents. They have to write their own version of the story. In the end, my greatest outcomes and rewards have always been achieved on the wrong path, apparently. You need to leave some room for events to occur and have fun.”


What does female empowerment mean to you?


“Female empowerment to me is to change the way the world perceives our strength. Especially in the rapidly evolving cultural awareness of what women have historically been confronted with, and frequently still are confronted with. We need to change and stop the not-okay things. Whether it is a salary offer or a “rude” comment. It is not about making women stronger, because we already are strong. That’s the very reason why we deserve the same respect. Female empowerment means everything to me and one of my objectives is to support this change through a community designed to connect inspiring, driven and independent women in digital business. 


What are the most important qualities you find to be necessary to succeed in your field?


"Honesty and humbleness. The digital environment is extremely challenging and vulnerable, but in the end, behind every digital screen, there is always another person. Creators can build successful relationships with their communities just on trust, empathy and honesty. The same qualities that I need to establish with my clients. Talents are the main trendsetters nowadays. Today the way people interact with brands has changed and the rules of the marketing game are shifting into social media marketing. Creative talents create awareness and visibility and have the power to influence and direct certain communities, but “people want truth”, so only through honesty can they establish strong relationships and communities. That’s exactly what I try to do. I connect in a real way with my talents, the agents or producers. Ultimately, we are all human beings.” 


Who is one of your role models? 


“One of my role models is Aleen Keshishian. She is an incredible woman, who has achieved so much in this business. One of my biggest dreams is to meet her and work on a project with her.”


You travel a great deal for work. What do you find to be the most challenging about being on the road?


“The most challenging thing is to find a place to call “home”. Not in terms of location, but in terms of work/life balance. I’m a TCK, a third culture kid, so I’ve been used to not sticking myself to a place but instead, to be open minded to the discovery of different cultures and places. I love to travel, and my experiences and background helped me to adapt to everything. But when it comes to personal life, I think that the most difficult thing about always being on the road for work is to be able to pay attention to your hobbies, life and private relationships that are fundamental even for the success in your work.” 


We will send The Million Roses to a woman of your choice. Who would it be and why? Which rose box would you choose for that person? Which colors and style represent her/him? 


“Probably obvious, but I credit my mum. She is pure energy, love, an incredible force of nature. She knows the power of words, work, family and she has always been ready to stand up for herself and for who she loves. A giant heart of white roses, as the pure heart she has.”  


How do you show yourself a little extra love? 


“I show myself love by buying a new book every month. I’m always studying, learning and reading news. I think the key is always the right combination between curiosity and enthusiasm. I have always been a bookworm.”


What is a lesson from childhood that stood out to you that you still believe to be true today?


“That you have to lead from the heart. That’s what my daddy has always said to me and that’s how I interact, work, learn and live. 


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


“I really try to enjoy every day and the wonderful trip of life, not making a lot of long term plans. In 10 years, I hope I can build, for the people I work with, a company that is going to make a difference with the artists who have the power and platforms to influence and change the world. I also hope to have a family and to be for my kids exactly what my parents have been to me; hard-working, curious, passionate and honest. Teaching them the power of love and dreams. 


You can follow Martina Rattà’s Instagram here and stay up to date on our celebration of Women’s History Month by following our Female Empowerment interview series all month long. 

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