The Million Roses Arrangements for Bohemian Interior Design

The Million Roses Arrangements for Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian decorations make for a vibrant and vital living space. While it’s a celebration of uniqueness and creativity, there is a feature common to bohemian interior design. It’s a design sensibility characterized by a reverence for beauty. The beautification of any room is exactly what The Million Roses does. A box of roses or a long stem rose collection that will stay striking for years is the perfect addition to your bohemian space. With over 5000 collections from The Million Roses, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Preserved Rose as Art Piece—One in a Million™ Hexagon Box

Roses are already ideal additions to bohemian décor. Every rose is a unique and stunning example of natural art, an embodiment of the beauty of life. The Million Roses highlights and enhances that beauty with their One in a Million™ art piece. The One in a Million™ arrangement features a simple but luxurious handmade round or hexagonal box topped with a ring in your choice of metal finishes. The Million Roses allows you to choose a gorgeous preserved rose in a color that perfectly complements your bohemian interior design scheme.

Warmth and Romance—Red Roses in Black Heart Box

A bohemian interior design scheme should be about fashioning a space as dynamic and unique as those who enjoy it. For some, that means creating a bohemian space that celebrates warmth, familiarity, and a sense of romance. A classic box of roses from The Million Roses, the iconic black box with preserved red roses, makes the ultimate centerpiece for a comfortable, romantic bohemian decorating theme.

Kaleidoscopic Brilliance—Rainbow Roses in White Box

The eye-catching Rainbow Roses collection from The Million Roses is among their most vibrant and dramatic. This brilliant, kaleidoscopic selection of long-lasting, multicolored roses will stay bright and beautiful for up to three years. To display the Rainbow Roses to the greatest effect, they are arranged in a stylish, handmade box that elegantly accentuates their colorful splendor. They are sure to brighten and beautify the liveliest bohemian space.

Long-Lasting and Long Stem—Long Stem Rose Collection

While various display arrangements from The Million Roses function as dazzling décor pieces, their exquisite preserved roses can undoubtedly be enough by themselves. Check out their collections of long-lasting, long stem flowers. A bouquet of long stem roses in your chosen color can be arranged in your favorite vase or placed in whatever way best enriches your bohemian space.

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