The Most Instagrammable Flowers: Preserved Roses

Preserved Roses—A Must-Have for Your Social Media Feed

We all love to share our lives on social media. Your feed is full of stunning pictures of vacations, events, families, dinners, and selfies. Style is everything, and you want to ensure your posts are as like-able as possible.

Colorful flowers, specifically roses, can elevate any social media post, which means preserved roses should be at the top of your list. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to share a little of their style because the stunning boxes of roses that last for a year and longer do most of the work for you. Here’s how you can incorporate them into your next social media post.

Stylize Your Photos with Preserved Roses

Style is everywhere. Every post on your feed delivers style in the subject matter, background, lighting, and caption. With a box of preserved roses, your photo is basically fully-stylized. You can pick up a pre-designed box or customize one based on the color of the roses and the shape, material, and presentation of the box. From a red preserved rose in a clear acrylic case to ivory roses in a soft suede box, you have what you need for the perfect pic. Hold the box in your arms, place it in the foreground or background, or capture a top-down shot of the preserved roses’ pristine petals. The style is sure to look great on your Instagram.

Preserved Roses Bring Elegance to a Scene

Preserved roses in a box are an elegant addition to any scene. Because they last so long, they can be featured in your posts for years to come. With a non-toxic rehydration process using plant-based ingredients, you can get the longest-lasting roses on the market. Look for a handmade box arrangement, making the experience all the more lavish no matter how you set the scene.

Convey Everlasting Romance

When you see roses on your feed, you might think it implies something romantic. Preserved roses would certainly be a romantic gesture if you received them from your husband, wife, or friend. However, they can also be something you give to yourself. Roses should help demonstrate the lasting love you have for yourself and your desire for beauty and style.

Preserved roses leave a lasting impression. They’re the best prop or subject in stylized lifestyle pics because they do most of the work for you. Whether social media is your life, or you just like to post pictures of all the aesthetically pleasing parts of your day, you will be doing yourself a favor with preserved roses. They are gorgeous, low-maintenance decor for your home and your social media feed that can last up to three years. That’s three years of picture-perfect roses for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Plus, there are tons of options available, so you can find the right ones to match your aesthetic and style.

About The Million Roses

The Million Roses was founded in 2014 to provide long-lasting preserved roses and rose boxes. They help people celebrate anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and every special occasion in life. The vibrant roses are grown in Ecuador, where they undergo a sophisticated, non-toxic re-hydration process to preserve them for at least three years. Only the most beautiful roses are selected and arranged by hand by floral artists in Los Angeles into stunning, handcrafted boxes. The Million Roses offers red roses, gold roses, and a wide variety of almost all other colors, as well as long stem roses and customized arrangements. If you’re curious what do yellow roses mean, you can find out with help from The Million Roses. Since these luxury roses require no water and produce less waste, they are also an excellent choice for the planet.

Bring everlasting elegance and style to your social media with preserved roses available at

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