The Meaning Behind Violet Roses and Other Colors

What Violet Roses and Other Flower Colors Mean

Roses are a beautiful gift. They look classy, and when arranged in a high-quality decorative box, they can transform the look of an entire room. When you think of roses, red and pink are probably the first two colors that come to mind. However, you can get bouquets of preserved roses in many different shades. These colors can have varied meanings. It is essential to know the importance of the color of the rose you have chosen. Whether you are giving out violet roses or yellow ones, here are four popular colors of flowers and their significance.

Give a Royal Gift with Violet Roses

Purple and violet have long been the colors of royalty. In an arrangement, violet roses channel a sense of grandeur and sophistication. When you give someone a display with preserved purple and violet roses, you are telling them that they deserve to be celebrated and honored. This touch of elegance looks great no matter where it is placed but looks especially at home in an office or bedroom. Give violet roses as a gift when a loved one has a birthday, or they are celebrating some sort of success at work or school. These purple flowers will honor their accomplishment and show how much you care.

Show Your Love with Red Roses

Red roses are a classic, but do you know their meaning? They are all about passion and burning love. This can be in a romantic sense, but it can also stand for platonic and familial love. A hand-crafted bouquet of long-lasting red roses can tell the recipient how much you care about them. Give them for Mother’s Day or anniversaries, or use them as a wedding centerpiece. They also make a great Scorpio flower if you have a friend or loved one with this astrological sign. Red roses can send a powerful message. You could gift a single rose or even use them to form an “M” within an arrangement of white roses to honor your mom.

Offer Something Distinct and Striking with Black Roses

If you want to give a unique and memorable gift, consider a bouquet of black roses. These mysterious flowers stand out as a nod toward darkness, something bright red and violet roses don’t do. Everybody goes through dark times in their lives, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Black roses can stand for a moment of change and evolution. It’s always darkest before the dawn, and these flowers can be a nod to that. Consider getting black roses for someone going through a tough time, mourning, or moving into a new chapter in life.

Bring Light and Happiness with Yellow Roses

On the other side of the spectrum, yellow roses can be some of the most bright and cheery flowers you can give. You can gift a single yellow rose in an acrylic box to help someone brighten up their favorite space or get a whole package of them to celebrate something exciting. Gift them for a birthday, a birth, graduation, or “just because.” Yellow roses are a lighthearted way to bring joy into someone’s life.

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The Meaning Behind Violet Roses and Other Colors