The Million Roses

Sárga Rózsa Kollekció

A sárga szín nem csak a napraforgónak áll jól! Sárga rózsakollekciónk bizonyítja, hogy ez a gyönyörű, játékos árnyalat tökéletesen illik ahhoz a virághoz is, amely sosem megy ki a divatból: a rózsához. Sárga rózsacsokraink a rózsa érzéki szimbolikáját modern ízléssel ötvözik. Ráadásul e jegyeket hosszú élettartamú dobozos sárga rózsáink hosszú éveken át megőrzik.

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Rózsa Szín
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22 termék 22 termék



22 termék

Doboz Típus
Rózsa Szín

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Beatiful Gift

A very thoughtful gift that is beautiful and lasts longer than traditional flowers giving the added bonus of classy home decor. They also smell fantastic and came with a beautiful presentation.

Ava E.Vásárló

My favorite roses.

They’re beautiful and the perfectly gifted for a special occasion, a date or day moments.

Karina B.Vásárló

My sister loves them!

Bough them for her birthday and she said they we beautiful

Julia B.Vásárló


Got them for a photoshoot and they looke amazing!

Tara B.Vásárló

Awesome Arrangement

The flowers are gorgeous and my sister was surprised know I got that she will be able to enjoy these for a long time. No more disposable flowers.

Isis F.Vásárló


What do Yellow Roses symbolize?

Yellow Roses are known to symbolize joy, friendship, and positivity. They convey warm feelings of happiness and are often given as a gesture of appreciation, gratitude, or to celebrate a cherished friendship. Yellow Roses also represent new beginnings and can be an excellent choice for congratulatory messages or expressing well wishes.

How long do The Million Roses' Yellow Roses last?

The Million Roses takes pride in providing premium quality Yellow Roses that are carefully preserved to last for approximately 3 years or more.

Are The Million Roses' Yellow Roses real or artificial?

The Million Roses specializes in providing real Yellow Roses that have undergone a unique preservation process. These roses are genuine, fresh-cut roses that are expertly preserved to maintain their appearance and texture without the need for water or sunlight.

What occasions are appropriate for gifting Yellow Roses?

Yellow Roses are well-suited for various occasions. They make delightful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, as well as to express gratitude and celebrate friendships. Yellow Roses can also be a thoughtful choice for spreading cheer and positivity during difficult times or to wish someone success and good fortune in their endeavors.