A Quick Guide to Luxury Home Decorating in Your Kitchen

Give Your Kitchen the Touch of Luxury It Deserves! Here’s How!

Does your kitchen feel like it’s missing something? Give it a touch of luxury with some color! If you walk into your kitchen and feel like the color scheme is too monotone or lacking in the bright feeling you’re looking for, color can breathe new life and luxury into your space. You don’t have to commit to a large project or renovation. Instead, add just a splash of energetic color with the right décor.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few quick ideas and points of inspiration to help you find a new, charming addition to your kitchen. This inspo keeps things simple yet adds a luxurious dimension to the most used room in your home. From eye-catching flowers that last a year or more to dynamic dinnerware, here are some ideas to try for yourself.

Dynamic Dinnerware That Pops

Not all dinnerware has to be a neutral color. From plates to bowls to serveware, many kitchens are home to white dinnerware. Sure, it’s practical, but it can get boring. When there are so many dinnerware options out there, why not go for a luxury option that pops?

Focus on dinnerware that highlights existing colors in your kitchen or dining room. Do you have light blue accents running through your kitchen? Double down with light blue plates! Does your backsplash incorporate hints of green? Start there. And when you have colorful, high-quality dinnerware, be sure to keep it front and center for some vibrant visibility. You can even take design inspiration from your favorite luxury brand, whether it’s Gucci or Versace.

Decorate with Roses That Last

Roses are a quick and beautiful way to add the perfect splash of luxurious color to your kitchen. What if you could add the color of your favorite section of the kitchen and have them last a long time? You can find real roses in your favorite colors to add a special touch to your kitchen.

It’s all about choosing roses that last a year or longer. They add a spectacular touch of color and luxury to your kitchen without feeling out of place. With the right roses, you can enjoy a decoration that even lasts up to three years. They look fantastic, they last for years to come, and they can bring a room together.

Let There Be Light Fixtures

One great way to add a splash of color to your kitchen is with luxurious light fixtures, along with general kitchen hardware, like drawer knobs and handles. Many kitchen light fixtures have white or metallic accents or features. Thankfully, it’s become much easier to find fixtures that complement your luxury kitchen design.

From blues to reds, yellows to greens, and every color or finish in between you can find fixtures in all sorts of stunning shades. The same can be said of kitchen hardware like knobs and handles. These pieces give you the touch of luxury and color you’re looking for without overdoing it. Plus, a new light fixture can transform the look of a room without any complicated renovation projects.

Find Your Accent Wall

Look around your kitchen. Is there a wall that could use a new coat of paint? Yes, painting a wall is a slightly more involved way to add a splash of color to your kitchen, but it can be transformative. And all it takes is a single wall. Pick a wall, pick a color, and go for it. Make it spontaneous! Who knows? The color you pick for your accent wall may completely redefine your kitchen as a luxurious space you love. You can even match the wall color with your favorite preserved roses. The possibilities are endless.

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