Step Up Your Anniversary Game with Roses That Last Forever

4 Ways to Step Up Your Anniversary Game with Roses That Last Forever

Regular cut flowers that wilt after a week just don’t cut it when you’re trying to celebrate your anniversary. Preserved roses are a luxury alternative to the conventional bouquet of flowers. The best part is that they last for years instead of weeks. Preserved roses aren’t like any ordinary flowers; they are a gift that your partner can cherish for years to come. It’s time to step up your anniversary game with a preserved rose box or other option.

Get Forever Lasting Roses That Match the Anniversary

There are preserved roses to match every anniversary, from the first to the 25th. For a first anniversary, consider picking up a single preserved magenta rose in a stunning display case. The minimalist simplicity helps symbolize the first year of your love. You might want to surprise your partner with a whole box of forever-lasting roses for significant anniversaries. Pick up one for each year you’ve been together. The sight of all these preserved roses will symbolize the many happy years you’ve spent together.


Keep Your Partner’s Favorite Colors in Mind

The best brands offer preserved roses in colors all across the spectrum. You can even find preserved roses in shades of silver and gold for an extra touch of luxury. Take things to the next level and customize your box of roses to incorporate their favorite colors in a design you both love. Make the gift as personal as possible, and they won’t soon forget it.

Find Preserved Roses that Complement the Home

Another way to ensure your anniversary flowers are loved and adored by your partner is to pick roses that complement their home décor. For couples who live together, take some time to wander around your home and imagine where a beautiful bouquet could make a statement. Maybe on the kitchen table, the fireplace mantel, or in the bedroom—the possibilities are endless! Think of the colors in your home and compare how your home might look with different colors and styled boxes of roses. There’s nothing better than luxury décor that has sentimental value.

Send Surprise Preserved Roses to Their Workplace

Luxury preserved roses look just as good in an office as they do in the home. Who doesn’t love being surprised with gorgeous roses at work? Plus, it allows your partner the opportunity to show off their anniversary gift to the people they spend every day with. A lovely preserved bouquet can also make an excellent office décor piece that reminds them of your love and thoughtfulness while they work.

These are just a few of the many ways to give your partner preserved roses. Get creative and make the gift personal, and they’ll surely love it.

About The Million Roses

A bouquet of preserved roses is the perfect gift, no matter the occasion. The Million Roses can help you show your affection and give a gift your loved one won’t soon forget. Amazingly, a box of roses from The Million Roses can last for years. From violet roses and red roses to a custom rose box or crystal rose arrangements, The Million Roses offers something for everyone. These freshly cut and hand-picked roses are perfect for showing your love and appreciation. With The Million Roses, you can decorate your house with a 24k gold rose box or gift a single rose to your lover. There are a million possibilities. When you need a gift that matches your everlasting feelings, choose The Million Roses.

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