Unique Gifts for New Moms

Unique Gifts for New Moms That Aren’t for the Baby

When many of us think of the best gifts for new moms, our minds swirl with thoughts of baby blankets, the tiniest of socks, and snuggly plush bears. And while all of these gifts are certain to be appreciated by the proud parents and brand new bundle of joy, new moms are decidedly deserving of something special just for them!

Push Present for Mom

Undoubtedly, a new baby is the best gift any parent will ever receive. But a push present is also a welcomed congratulatory gift for mom after months of morning sickness, swollen ankles, an aching back, putting on her shoes without being able to see her feet – and, of course – labor itself!

While celebrities like Kylie Jenner have taken to Instagram to show off push presents like a new Ferrari, those among us who don’t regularly find ourselves in the headlines typically lean toward more affordable indulgences, like a small piece of jewelry, spa gift certificate, perfume, or long lasting roses.

We’ve put together a few of our favorite little luxury gifts for new moms to suit all budgets. Whether you’re shopping for a push gift for your wife, aunt, sister, or fabulous friend, our unique gifts for new moms are sure to remind her that everything’s coming up roses!

  • Push Presents Under $50:

    Our Single Rose Collection is among our most popular designs, with a pocket-friendly price that proves beautiful gifts needn’t cost a small fortune. Available in a variety of box designs and rose colors, these long lasting roses add a pretty pop of color to a sterile hospital room, and look even more lovely sitting on her bedside table at home. They might not make it any easier to wake up every few hours to feed the baby, but they make a stunning sight to open your eyes to when you do!
  • Push Presents Under $200:

    For a modern floral arrangement that looks fabulous from every angle, consider our roses in a square box. From richly hued magenta roses to bold and bright neon green roses, there is an option to suit every new mom’s style! The square design makes these oh-so-easy to wrap as well, though a bow on top is all you need with a box design this elegant.
  • Push Presents Under $500:

    When only the most posh and pampering gifts for new moms will do, our captivating Crystal Collection is here to dazzle and delight! Available in a breathtaking black suede box hand decorated with fine crystals, each round arrangement is brimming with 12-15 stems that have been “sprinkled” with “diamond dust.” These long lasting roses will retain their beauty for up to three years – lasting through the “terrible twos,” even when parents might not be sure if they can persevere! Choose from radiant red roses, bold and modern black roses, or unstoppably gorgeous gold roses.

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