Sympathy Gifts

Unique Sympathy Gifts Delivered from The Million Roses

For the myriad joys and wonders life offers, it unfortunately also comes with what can often seem like more than its fair share of sorrows. From small setbacks to more major circumstances, losses, and challenging events, life can decidedly give us a lot to handle and work through. But thankfully, we don’t have to tackle these trials alone.

While it can sometimes feel as though we’re floating at sea in a one-person boat with no paddle, something as simple as a caring phone call, or perfectly-timed sympathy gift, can instantly remind us that brighter days are on the horizon. In the very moment that we are most in need of a reminder, it says, “You are fortunate to have people in your life who will ride this storm out to shore with you, even when the waters get a little choppy.”

Sympathy Flowers Delivery

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller
  • While most of us think of sympathy flowers and gifts as a way to let our loved ones know they’re on our mind, they are truly so much more than a “thinking of you” gesture.
  • Sympathy gifts let people know their sorrow is recognized, and while the gift we share won’t make their pain disappear, it is designed to remind them there is more to what they’re feeling than pain. Indeed, losing something or someone often hurts so much because of the comfort and joy they brought us.
  • Whether we have lost a special person, a beloved pet, or have endured an injury or other setback that will keep us from doing something we love, sympathy gifts are a reminder that our pain is understood, but that there is so much more to life than our pain.

Sympathy Flowers Color

While any of the beautiful colored roses we offer makes a wonderfully unique sympathy gift, the most traditional option is white roses.

  • Our heart-shaped rose box makes for a truly special sympathy flowers delivery, brimming with 23-30 stunning stems of preserved roses.
  • Our single white rose acrylic box is also a popular choice, with an extra-large rose from our longest lasting collection.
  • If your gift is design to offer comfort after the loss of a loved one, consider our One in a Million roses collection. Each is decorated with a petite metal charm that can be engraved with the initial of your choosing, and makes a wonderful way to preserve the memory of someone special. When it comes to personalized sympathy gifts, these are an elegant option that is equal parts timeless and modern.

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