Holiday Roses Gift Guide

The Million Roses Holiday Gift Guide 

We have the best gifts for this festive season. With our post-pandemic social calendars back in full swing it feels like everyone is moving at top speed around this time of year. This is why selecting that special gift for that person you just may have missed this year can be extra challenging. This Christmas surprise your loved ones with a unique gift that is on everyone's wish list! And the best part? They may not even know it was the gift they really wanted. Check out our Holiday Picks Here or browse our new collections like Superdome, Sunflower, Buttercup for more gift ideas.  

"When it comes to gifting, I recommend a gift that will show your love and appreciation. Receiving The Million Roses for this festive season is such a unique idea. The flowers will stay alive for at least 3 years and your loved ones, friends and colleagues will remember you every time they look at them." says The Million Roses Creative Director Katharina Baron. 

Make sure to check out all the collections when you are gifting someone as you are sure to find something for anyone. From your old friends who just had a baby, to your teen cousin that loves hot pink, to your wife who loves classic red roses, and to your minimalist uncle who will be happy about a square box with purple roses. Choosing a gift is not only made easy with our unique gift guide, its actually really fun. 

 "Who wouldn't beam at the sight of a decadent lush, beautiful giftbox full of fresh flowers?" Smiles Baron. "Part of the appeal is definitely knowing that these beauties will last for years to come."

 Naturally preserved with no chemicals, our flowers are made to leave a lasting impression and a lasting smile. It's hard not to notice such a beautiful display of affection and love when first coming into someone's home, stopping by their office, or entering their living or kitchen space. No matter the size of someone's home, their age, gender or taste, The Million Roses has something for everyone on your list this season. It can also be really fun to think outside the box (pun intended) when it comes to selecting the color and floral choice. With the new collection drops and boxing options The Million Roses really offer something delightfully fresh for everyone this season. 


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