A Buttercup-Kind of Holiday

With the holidays just around the corner, the team at The Million Roses just launched an all-new floral collection featuring the world's finest selection of buttercup flowers. The buttercup flower is truly unique in the way its many petals form together forming loose clusters of a beautiful round form. It is said that in ancient times, the buttercup flower was used to symbolize new beginnings and a lucky start to a new journey or chapter in life. What better flower to symbolize all the bright magic and goodness to come in the new year ahead. 

Flowers are always a sure bet when it comes to selecting a meaningful gift. For the team at The Million Roses, giving one of our bouquets means making the conscious choice to contribute to a better future and more sustainable environment for us all. 

"It's really special to get to be a part of a company that holds all the right values that I personally feel so aligned with." Says Katharina Baron, Creative Director.

"I feel confident that we are playing our part in making the right decisions for a better world for tomorrow. Our flowers last for years. It's truly remarkable."

Through an innovative, all-organic, and natural preservation process, The Million Roses give all their flowers the gift of a long life. Supporting The Million Roses is not only the water-saving and ecologically conscious choice when buying flowers, it also saves hundreds of plastic wrappers and packaging for the future as recipients may not lean on store-bought flower bouquets wrapped in plastic for the next few years to come. 

Buttercups are the perfect choice in flower type for all the loved ones in your life. Nestled in a lush bed of green hydrangeas, the flower comes alive in a bright pop of color contrast. This bouget really is a fusion of flowers that showcases sustainable luxury and jubilance. The Million Roses Classic Box brings together a lush medley of Persian buttercups in your choice of color and charming green hydrangeas to effortlessly capture opulence. The flowers are beautifully displayed in a smooth, hand-crafted signature Million Roses box. The buttercup bouquet is suited to be a special occasion gift or an everyday treasure in a loved one's home. The brightness and zest of the naturally preserved flower arrangement will remain fresh and extravagant for at least 3 years. 

"This really is a gift you can feel very good about." Adds Baron with a smile. She leans in to take in the scent of her Million Roses buttercup bouquet displayed in her West Hollywood home's entrance way. "It's just a little piece of magic." 

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