The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2022

We've all been there. Panic starts to set in as you realize you have less than 24 hours for those last-minute Christmas gifts. You've been putting it off for months, knowing you "still had time" and back then you technically did, but now you're down to the wire. There you are, hungry, fatigued, drained of both ideas and energy. Briskly walking from store to store before they close. There's no feeling quite like it.

This year will be different! It really will. Because this year you have The Million Roses and you can schedule out the delivery for the big day. It's the perfect time to make the decision that your future self will thank you for. Here you are! and we've got you covered. 


Gifts for your Wife 

The woman in your life deserves it all. She's there for you when you need her the most, and also when you maybe don't even realize she is. She's your love, your friend, your life partner. May we suggest the most romantic gesture of all, our original Million Roses red rose box. Round, heart shaped, superdome, supreme sized or classic, you can't go wrong with our roses, and they will keep her smiling every time she catches a glance of them for years to come.  

Shop the Roses Collection 

Gifts for The Man in Your Life 

Its 2022, and time for all genders to embrace the magic of receiving flowers. Whether it's a relatively fresh romance or he's the man you've been married to for decades, a box of our naturally beautiful and preserved roses is a delight to both give and receive. May we suggest our black roses for a little added drama this season that feels luxurious and as handsome as he is. 

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Gifts for the Little Sister in Your Life 

She's sweet, she's caring, she can be a lot, but you wouldn't have it any other way. Maybe she's related to you, maybe not. But the feeling is there, she's your sis. May we suggest the Superdome in one of our luxurious suede boxes.

Box colors range from our classic Bordeaux, Tiffany Blue, Royal Blue, Black, White, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Dark Green and Gold. Sizes range from basic, classic and supreme. 

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Gifts for Your Best Friend 

Official or unofficial therapist, they are there for you no matter what. For that "it's never too late" in the night to call, last minute drink meet ups, walks around the neighborhood, or "can you grab a coffee now?" pal. They hear you out and give the best advice. May we suggest one of our Sunflower arrangements. Give them a little reminder of how special they are to you and reflect the light and joy they bring to your life. 


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Gifts for Your Grandparents 

They mean the world to you, but let's face it. Gifting them is hard! Partly because anything you give them, they insist is the best gift ever, which, although extremely sweet you know is just not completely accurate. This year give them something that they'll actually be wowed by. The gift that keeps on giving. Our sustainably sourced and naturally preserved Buttercup Bouquets are a great selection. May we suggesting going large for the people closest to you and maybe teaming up with a sibling or parent to give the Supreme Size. They will have it to enjoy for years to come. 

Shop the Buttercup Collection 

Gifts for Your Favorite Neighbour 

Sometimes giving to those not expecting anything grants the greatest and most rewarding feeling of love. For that someone special that always goes a little extra out of their way to show kindness, give something back this season that lets them know you really see them. May we suggest the Limited-Edition Single Rose Box. This special item was designed with the winter season in mind and features a special engraved acrylic box that houses and lifts a classic single rose in a suede box. The acrylic box can be removed after the holiday season so your loved one can enjoy the rose for years regardless of the season.

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