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Do you love home decor design, but don’t love the idea of buying new, fresh flowers every week? Meet our Home Decor forever roses collection, the place where your home decoration dreams come true. With naturally preserved roses that last at least three years, you can create luxurious home décor details that stand the test of time. Find a roses centerpiece among our dazzling range of colors. Because whatever your home decor mood, there’s a forever roses box for you.

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Beatiful Gift

A very thoughtful gift that is beautiful and lasts longer than traditional flowers giving the added bonus of classy home decor. They also smell fantastic and came with a beautiful presentation.

Ava E.Verified Buyer

My favorite roses.

They’re beautiful and the perfectly gifted for a special occasion, a date or day moments.

Karina B.Verified Buyer

My sister loves them!

Bough them for her birthday and she said they we beautiful

Julia B.Verified Buyer


Got them for a photoshoot and they looke amazing!

Tara B.Verified Buyer

Awesome Arrangement

The flowers are gorgeous and my sister was surprised know I got that she will be able to enjoy these for a long time. No more disposable flowers.

Isis F.Verified Buyer


What are the best flowers for home decoration?

The best flowers for home decoration are roses, sunflowers, persian buttercups, lilies, orchids, daisies, and carnations

What are the most popular flower arrangements for home decoration?

Popular flower arrangements for home decoration include bouquets, centerpieces, and wreaths. Bouquets are a classic choice and can be arranged in a variety of ways, from a simple bunch of flowers to a more elaborate design. Centerpieces are a great way to add a touch of elegance to any room, and wreaths are a great way to add a festive touch to any space. The Million Roses offers a wide selection of luxury roses that can be used to create beautiful arrangements for any home.

What are some tips for decorating with flowers?

Some tips for decorating with flowers include using a variety of colors and textures, adding foliage to the arrangement, and using a variety of flower types

What are the best colors for flower home decoration?

The best colors for flower home decoration depend on the look you are trying to achieve. Generally, bright and vibrant colors such as red, pink, yellow, and orange are popular choices for adding a pop of color to any room. If you are looking for a more subtle look, pastel colors such as lavender, light pink, and light blue are great options.