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White Roses

Innocent and elegant: the color white has a number of meanings and associations. Lovers of tidy, minimalist, and contemporary spaces will be pleased to receive a bouquet of our naturally preserved white roses. Arranged in various shapes and following a variety of traditional methods, our white forever roses in a box are the perfect way to surprise that special someone on an important day — or to make any day one that they won’t forget.

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Beatiful Gift

A very thoughtful gift that is beautiful and lasts longer than traditional flowers giving the added bonus of classy home decor. They also smell fantastic and came with a beautiful presentation.

Ava E.Verified Buyer

My favorite roses.

They’re beautiful and the perfectly gifted for a special occasion, a date or day moments.

Karina B.Verified Buyer

My sister loves them!

Bough them for her birthday and she said they we beautiful

Julia B.Verified Buyer


Got them for a photoshoot and they looke amazing!

Tara B.Verified Buyer

Awesome Arrangement

The flowers are gorgeous and my sister was surprised know I got that she will be able to enjoy these for a long time. No more disposable flowers.

Isis F.Verified Buyer


What do white roses symbolize?

White roses have long been associated with purity, innocence, and spirituality. Discover the deeper meanings behind these timeless blooms and learn how to use them to convey messages of love, sympathy, or admiration.

How can I care for white roses to keep them fresh?

Proper care is essential to maintain the freshness and beauty of white roses. Explore tips and techniques in our care page, ensuring they stay radiant and vibrant for as long as possible.

What are the best occasions to gift white roses?

White roses are a classic choice for various occasions. Uncover the perfect moments to gift white roses, such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations, or as a symbol of remembrance. Find inspiration for heartfelt gestures with these elegant flowers.

How do I incorporate white roses into wedding bouquets?

White roses are a classic choice for wedding bouquets, symbolizing purity and unity. Get inspired by different bouquet styles, color combinations, and creative ways to incorporate white roses into your dream wedding floral arrangements. Browse through our wedding and bridal roses and wedding centerpieces for ideas.