3 Rose Arrangements for Minimalists

3 Kinds of Rose Bouquets to Thrill the Minimalist in Your Life

Roses are an excellent gift for your loved one. It may seem like minimalists don’t want something as extravagant as a bouquet of flowers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of arrangements that are minimal, understated, and sure to make your loved one beam with joy and excitement.

A large display box of gold roses might not be their style, but something classically elegant like red roses  can be. Get them some preserved roses, and they will have a gift they can appreciate for years, if not years into the future. Here are three ideas for a type of rose arrangement for the person who enjoys the simple things in life.

Rosas Rojas

While you can find roses in various colors, sometimes the classic red rose is the best. When people imagine roses, they think of the vivid red petals swirling together. If your loved one enjoys down-to-earth experiences, they will love the natural color of red roses in box displays. Even months into the future, they will still look like they were taken straight from the field for a beautiful and fresh bouquet. Hand them a simple display of deep red flowers and watch them get excited to stop and smell the roses, both literally and figuratively. 

Single Roses

For a minimalist, less is more. You could get them a box of 30 roses, but it might not fit in with their style and aesthetic. Instead, they would be thrilled with a single preserved rose. A single rose might seem small compared to a bouquet, but the message behind it is just as powerful. This shows how much you understand them. They can put this single flower almost anywhere to brighten up an entire space because they know the power of one rose. The best brands offer single roses in a variety of colors. From the classic red to a vibrant white single rose, find the right one for your special someone.

Roses in Acrylic

If you want to gift your loved one flowers in a unique display, give them a quartet of roses in an acrylic box. This is a great minimalistic way to display colorful flowers, and they will love to use this small box to add some color to their favorite room. The clear acrylic puts all of the focus on the roses in a simple and straightforward way. They won’t have to deal with any other colors or design elements when they are deciding where to put the roses. Instead, they can rest easy knowing they will fit in anywhere because of their simple nature.

About The Million Roses

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